Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Quick Update

Just a quick update...

  • I went and voted today.  I drove by the closest polling place and there was no line so I was in and out in a few minutes (I did my studying of the candidates and issues at home and made a list of how I was going to vote which means all I had to do was check off my ballot according to the list I brought with me).
  • There was no winner in the lottery so lines are even longer at our nearest lottery seller (about 30 minutes away in California).  Today they said people were waiting more than four hours in line!
  • Fun fact, I found that if you live in certain states you can actually buy lottery tickets on line.  "If you are a resident of Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina or North Dakota, you may buy Mega Millions tickets online by registering with the lotteries of those states. You may also purchase subscriptions for Mega Millions online in New York and Virginia."  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.
  • I love America's Test Kitchen!  I was watching the show a few days ago and saw this recipe for tonkatsu so I am going to attempt to make that for dinner tonight!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Quiet Saturday

Our sunsets are so pretty!  Anyway, it was a quiet day today.  I went to vote on the first day of early voting and the line was so long that I decided to come back another day.  Seeing the long line was actually wonderful as sometimes our voter turnout here can be as low as 12% (!?!).  So I stayed home the rest of the day and decided to research and write a post over at my other blog on emergency resources in Las Vegas because quite often people ask on FB for help will all sorts of problems and with this post I have all of the resources which I can easily link to!  Also, staying home is a great way to have a no-spend day so there's that.  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Today I Am...

...not in line to buy a lottery ticket.  Not that I couldn't do a whole lot with a billion dollars but statistically it's a huge waste of money and the lines at the closest California store are LONG!
...studying the voter's guide and other sources of voting information to decide who I will vote for tomorrow in early voting.  I can't believe that some people would have the nerve to even run for office (but this is Sin City so there's that).  On a happy note, these God-awful political ads will soon stop running!
...shocked to learn that 100,000 people moved from California to Las Vegas just this year.  eeekkk
...surprised/not surprised that this guy needs his "emotional support tigers."  ayayay
...weirdly enthralled by these animal x rays that went viral.


Thursday, October 18, 2018


A while back I decided I wanted to try calligraphy so I went to some local stores but the calligraphy pens were $10 each so I went online to Amazon and bought a couple of pens for $5 each which actually weren't that good (my fault, I didn't even know what I was ordering and when they arrived they didn't have the wider slanted tip like I was expecting).

So today when I was at Ross I walked by the art section and there was a basic calligraphy set with FIVE pens of varying sizes for $5.99 total!  I picked up the set and later, when I have a bit of time, I will give it a try.  I haven't done calligraphy since I was in elementary school when calligraphy class was required (I think it was meant to improve our penmanship).  Back then we used pens with metal tips and bottles of ink.  Anyway, it looks like a fun sort of hobby so it will be fun to practice.

I guess the moral of this story is to look at ALL options when you want to try something new in order to save money.  I want to start cheap in case I try it and then lose interest instead of buying a big set of expensive things for my new hobby of the week then losing interest and wasting money!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How Would You Spend $100,000?

If you play the lottery (we don't) you are probably thinking about how you would spend a billion dollars if you win, but I came across this blog post about how people would spend $100k and it got me to thinking.  The questions people in the post were asked included...

  • How would you spend the $100k, no strings attached?  I would pay off my credit card, car, and house, making us entirely debt free!
  • How would you spend the $100k, but it has to be spent on something constructive that wouldn't return a profit or financial return for at least one year?  I would invest it.  Max out a Roth IRA, buy mutual funds, put some in CDs...and leave these investments untouched until I got to official retirement age.
  • How would you spend the $100k on something completely frivolous?  I would take the entire family (60+ family members) on a cruise!
  • How would you spend the $100k but it must be used only for philanthropic purposes?  I would give $1000 to 100 random people who seem like they could really use it.  I got this idea when I was working at the WSOP last summer and I asked my co workers why they were working the temp job (some worked this job full time in addition to their regular 40 hour a week job which just astounded me).  They all had different reasons--to pay medical bills, to pay down debt, to pay for a vacation, to help out their kids, etc--so I think it would be really cool to just give people money that they could use any way they wanted to spend it.
How would you spend $100,000?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Today in Las Vegas News...

...our resident pimp died (brothels and prostitution is legal nearly everywhere in Nevada except Las Vegas).
...medical internships for high school students are now a thing here (and a brilliant idea IMHO).
...the Lotto is now up to almost a BILLION dollars!  We don't play the Lotto and Las Vegas residents need to drive about a half hour to the California border in order to buy tickets (the Lotto is illegal in Nevada) but there are plenty of people who love to play the lottery here. in many states, there is questionable activities around the state's voter rolls (you can bet I will be voting in the upcoming mid terms!).
...someone crashed their Aston Martin on the Las Vegas Strip yesterday (absolutely nothing that happens in this city surprises me any more).
...our Golden Knights ice hockey team is losing this year (disappointing since last year as a brand new team they made to to the Stanley Cup playoffs).
...our weather has went from hot to cold.  It's in the 70s now and everyone is wearing coats!

Monday, October 15, 2018

And Now For the Three-Year Plan to Pay Off Your New Cell Phone

I saw this article today about a cell phone company that will soon offer a three year plan for people to pay off their new cell phone and I was shocked (and horrified and appalled).  No one should take three years to pay off a cell phone.  A car, maybe, but a small consumer items that will be old tech within six months, no way!

While early adapters, and people with money--even those who don't have money but want to look like they have money--will clamor for the latest cell phone as soon as it is released (and pay top dollar for said phone, to the tune of $1000 plus), those of us with more modest needs and more modest incomes (and a rational brain in our heads) will look at every other option before paying out the nose for a cell phone.

If you want a new cell phone, here are some options:

  • Wait until they are discounted.  Galaxy S8 phones cost less than half price now that the S9s are out.
  • Buy second hand.  Usually those early adapters will sell their "old" phones the moment that a new phone is released.
  • Make your own phone.  I've never tried this but it looks like an interesting project.
  • Go retro and opt for a basic cell phone.  Some people only need their phones for talking so a simple (cheap) phone will work just fine for this.
  • If you are switching cell plans or companies, see if they offer free cell phones with sign up; many companies do this.
  • Buy a prepaid phone to use with your current wireless plan.  These phones are often cheaper and as long as the phone works with your network (Verizon and Sprint phones don't work with T Mobile and ATT service and vice versa) you can just swap sim cards and you are good to go.
With the dizzying array of new cell phones coming out on an almost monthly basis these days, there is no reason to pay top dollar for a new phone (and certainly no reason to finance the phone for three years!).