Saturday, September 25, 2021

A Few Things from Today

A few things from today...

  • when I go walking, sometimes I will pass by a nearby shopping plaza and when I go by the plaza, I usually stop into the Dollar Tree and stock up on about $10 worth of extra stuff.  With all of the talk about food shortages and supply chain disruptions, I figure it is always good to have extra food and supplies on hand just in case (and if we don't use this stuff after a while, I usually box it up and send it to the Philippines).  Today I stocked up on beans and tuna.
  • from the news...our local water levels have been dropping like crazy and in today's news it was reported that the Colorado River levels may drop so low that the dams on the river may no longer be able to generate power!  Yikes!  I'm trying to get hubby to move but so far he hates the idea.  He will hate summer in the desert without electricity even more!
  • I made a tres leches cake today!  This is the first time I've tried to make it and according to my Mexican neighbors and hubby, it tasted great!  I thought it was ridiculously sugary so if I make it again I might cut back a little on the sugar, especially in the whipped cream.  Also, I forgot to take a picture of the big cake I made before giving it to the neighbor, below is the smaller section I kept for us.


Monday, September 20, 2021

And Five More Things...

Here are a few more things I forgot to add to the last post...

  1. This Saturday (September 25) is National Public Lands Day which means free entry day to our national parks.  You should also check your state parks website as our state parks are also free on this day.
  2. If you are diabetic or diabetes runs in your family (it's super simple to get checked for this) please stay on top of this issue to preserve your health.  My friend called me last week and told me her mom had to have her foot cut off due to her chronic diabetes (gangrene sets in and then no more foot :(  Diabetes also affects a person's vision and kidneys in a really bad way).  Eeeekkk
  3. Prepare for cold and flu season ASAP.  Again, with covid and the many supply chain issues, I went out this past weekend and picked up extra kleenex, Therflu, Tylenol, etc.  Some of the supplies of these and other cold/flu medications were looking pretty sparse.  Some people are saying this could be a bad flu season on top of the covid issue so prepare now.
  4. Tonight is the Harvest Moon and in a couple days it will be the autumnal equinox.  It was so nice to walk today with temps at 79 instead of 109!  I love that fall is finally here!
  5. We are entering political season with people already announcing their candidacy for the 2022 elections (governor and congressional seats are up for grabs in our state).  Political ads are sure to follow...ick.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Quick Update

It's been pretty uneventful around here lately.  Las Vegas is more or less back to normal (including a full Raiders stadium and the huge Life is Beautiful Music Festival which is happening this weekend) but as usual we are staying low-key for now.  Among other things...

  • They will be holding the World Series of Poker here next month.  I signed up to work but after thinking about it for a while--and hearing everyone won't need to wear masks during the event--I decided not to work this year.  Hubby is vaxxed, I am not, and while we both take precautions, I don't want to inadvertently pick up the virus and bring it home to him (vaxxed people are still being hospitalized and dying from covid and with his long list of health issues I'd rather forgo the extra money this year and hope things are better by next year!).
  • I have made a huge bucket list of sorts and we have been knocking things off the list a little at a time (I blog about our activities here).
  • Did you know that a company will pay someone $1300 to watch 3 scary movies in October?  You can apply here.
  • Here's a huge list of free alternatives to paid software.
  • The news is saying this should be the last week of triple digit temperatures for the year in Las Vegas.  Yeah!  We are looking forward to cooler weather!
  • Supply chain issues are still showing up all over here.  There are several products that seem to have disappeared completely (certain kinds of fish food and hair gel, last week Costco had lots of bottled water but no Kirkland toilet paper, my favorite buckwheat pancake mix has been missing for ages, etc).  So a heads up to do your Christmas shopping ASAP since they are saying shortages may be even worse by Christmas.
  • The cousins came to visit last week so of course we cooked a bunch of food for them as it saves them a lot of money over eating out (they all gathered here after a vacation to Mexico; we cooked and dropped off food where they are staying but didn't hang around and chat because of the risk of covid).

Hopefully you are all doing well and staying healthy!


Saturday, September 4, 2021

A Nice Saturday Morning Walk

Today our walking group did our first walk of the season along the north part of the Las Vegas Strip.  It was a nice seven mile walk with lots to see along the way.  Fortunately this walk goes in and out of casinos since it was in the high 90s today!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Cinnamon Rolls

I was bored today so I decided to make some cinnamon rolls.  I pulled up a random recipe online--it said these were the best cinnamon rolls--so I baked some up and can confirm these actually are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever made!  Usually they are dry and tough but these were really light and fluffy.  Yum!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Wow It's Been a While

I guess time flies when not much is happening!  I didn't even realize it's been two weeks since I last posted here but not much has been going on lately...

  • We are still getting interesting sunsets (mostly due to the massive amount of smoke heading our way from the California wildfires).
  • I told you about getting new tires then getting a nail in one of the tires only a couple of days later.  Well, a couple days after we had our new windshield installed (it was hit by a rock when hubby was driving and made a clean break through half the windshield), we were driving down the freeway and it was hit by another rock leaving a small gash in the windshield.  Ugh  Fortunately the company that put the windshield in had a warranty and they were able to fix the ding for free so that was a nice outcome.
  • Next Wednesday (August 25th) is a free entry day to the National Parks.
  • Also, September 18 is free entry day to many museums for the Smithsonian's Museum Day.  You can get free tickets here.
  • I ordered a new tablet more than a month ago and the delivery date is still getting pushed back.  It was supposed to arrive last week and now it is listed for arrival in mid-September!  This supply chain mess is awful!

That's pretty much it for this week besides covid and more covid.  We just try to avoid people as much as possible and mask up when we are out and about! 

One side note, we picked up a friend from the airport and brought her to where she left her car when she went on vacation and when she got ready to leave, her car battery was dead.  We were able to easily jump her car with a little jumper battery we got a while back.  The jumper was so small we didn't even know if it would work but it worked flawlessly so it was definitely a good purchase and much easier than using jumper cables!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

A Bunch of Money Stuff

It's been a busy, and financially trying, couple of weeks...

  • Right before the kids and grandkids came to visit we looked at the tires on our car and decided they were looking a little old.  Although they were only five years old (as old as the car) that's kind of like eight years old in Vegas years because it is so dry and hot here that rubber and plastics age really fast.  So we got new tires for the car ($500, not a bad price) at Discount Tire (we love this tire shop as they do good service at reasonable rates and also put air in the tires and do tire rotations for free any time we ask!).
  • When I drove everyone to the airport on their way out of town I noticed the car was pulling to the right a lot so I ran by the tire store and they diagnosed a nail in one of the tires :(  Fortunately they patched it for free but it's a bummer this happened to brand new tires!
  • Then a few days later we went to take the car out of the garage and the garage door wouldn't open.  After a quick inspection we found that the garage door spring had broken in half.  So we got this fixed (after watching some YouTube videos to see if we could DIY it, the consensus was that messing with garage springs could kill you so we called a professional--$275).  The guy said it wasn't unusual for this to happen as--again, due to it being very hot and dry--garage springs don't last very long here either.  Ugh
  • Next, a few days ago, hubby was driving on the freeway, a rock hit the windshield and left a small hole, which quickly turned into a very long crack.  It can't be repaired so we have a guy coming to change out the windshield next week for $275.
  • We've done a couple shopping trips to Costco and Sam's Club and it seems like everything has increased in price!  And while it may only be 50 cents or a dollar increase on each product, that really adds up when you buy dozens of products which have all increased in price.  Add to this random trips to other stores where even basic items like hair gel are sold out and shopping has turned into a very frustrating activity!
  • Our house has developed a bunch of tiny, niggling problems that are, while not emergencies, they are nonetheless annoying so I ran by Home Depot today and bought everything needed to fix these issues--a light switch with a short, a leaking kitchen faucet, caulking coming off sinks, toilet water valves that don't close all the way--and tomorrow hubby and I will have a field day of fixing things around the house.
  • Finally, on a happy note, I got an advertisement from Costco that says they now offer insurance so I called and found that going with their home and car insurance plans would save us about $250 a year so we switched!  Needless to say, I am always on the lookout for ways to save extra money!