Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Great Bicycle Shortage

On our walk today we saw that there was no line at our local Ross store so we went in.  Hubby found a few things he wanted but I couldn't find a single thing I either needed or wanted (after 2.5 months and I didn't need anything?? Wow).  And while there was no line to get into the store, the checkout line was about 50 people long but it moved pretty fast.  Then we stopped by Target and I noticed that like yesterday at Walmart, there was not a single bicycle available to buy!  Apparently it is the same all over the US.  We have definitely seen a lot more people riding bicycles in Las Vegas, especially along the Las Vegas Strip, which was pretty much unheard of before the shutdown.

In other news, here is some information about using your HSA to buy feminine hygiene and other products which many people didn't know was possible.  Also, I didn't know there was such a thing as Facebook groups that do free-cycling and other no buy/sharing of stuff which can help people in need which sounds particularly useful during these difficult financial times.  I Googled my local area and quite a few of these groups/pages showed up!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

I Still Don't Like Shopping

I used to love shopping (years ago when I was maxing out my credit cards and "keeping up with the Joneses").  Then we went cash only and debt free and shopping got a lot less interesting (maybe buying only what you actually can afford will do that to a person?).  But now I pretty much loathe shopping.  We had to drop off some food to people today so we made a quick run through a shopping center that we rarely get over to because hubby wanted to pick up some Filipino desserts that have been hard to find lately (we go the last box!).  They seemed to be out of a lot of items.

Next we went to the Asian grocery store and the lines were so long we didn't buy anything because we didn't want to stand in line with so many people.  Next up was Walmart.  It wasn't very busy there so we grabbed some fish food and a few other things and got out of there quickly.  I did notice that you can walk through Walmart and get a quick snapshot of what items are in demand by the general public.  Apparently bicycles are a high-demand item these days...

Next we went by the Ross store in the same shopping plaza and they still had a long line, since there is nothing we absolutely need we just skip any store with a line these days.  Finally we stopped by the 99 Cent store to get some garlic (another item in high demand?  They only had a couple of meager packages left).  And I was particularly horrified to see that your basic rubbing alcohol which cost about 79 cents six months ago was now selling for $4.99!!!  eeekkkk

Friday, May 22, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend Already?

These are the first apricots off of our tree this season!  It's hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend already--where did the last three months go?  Well I know where the time went, it passed as we mostly stayed home, and we will probably do the same this weekend as well.  Even though many places are opening up in Las Vegas--except casinos which will happen in a week or so--we really don't want to be out at the locals lakes and parks and mountains with tens of thousands of other people who are eager to escape from their homes after months of being stuck there.  One local park said they are limiting the number of people there to 2000(!).  On a side note, I got an email today that said I was qualified to get unemployment so I will be filing every week for the duration of what would have been my six-week work gig.  Hopefully it works out--all of that extra money, including the additional $600 per week from the CARES Act, will get our car paid off within a few weeks!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

And a Few More Links

Not much happening today.  We walked by Ross again on our daily walk and there were only 50 or so people in line to get in which is, I guess, better than the 100 that were in line yesterday?  Here are some interesting links...

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


...sort of.  I heard that Ross stores would reopen today so hubby and I decided to take a detour on our morning walk and see how our local Ross store was doing and maybe shop a bit.  Apparently everyone had the same idea because when we got there, a couple hours after the store opened, there were more than a hundred people in line to get into the store!  Needless to say we just kept walking and will check it out again maybe next week.  Even the local news was there taking pictures.  And of course I had to take pictures too...

Later in the day we went to our local grocery store and using their store app we got lunch for SIX CENTS.  Occasionally free things will pop up on their app so we got a free roast chicken from the deli and six ears of corn for a penny each!  We also got two cases of water for 99 cents each and butter for $1.67 a pound.  We are slowly but surely stocking up our food stores in case we end up in lockdown again in the fall.

Also today, I filed for unemployment.  I've never filed for unemployment before in my life so this was a new experience.  I have to believe that the people who design the unemployment website have never had to actually use it since it was pretty confusing to use.  At least I think my application went through.  Since my job that I do every summer was cancelled, I read that if a person was scheduled to start a job but that job is no longer available due to the pandemic, you can apply for unemployment through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program so I gave it a shot.  If I get paid that will be great, if I don't that's OK too but since this is a unique situation, why not try to get extra money?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020

An (Almost) Normal Day

Today was surprisingly kind of normal.  We started out by taking the SIL's car to get the tinting fixed since there were bubbles in the tinting that shouldn't have been there, then we did our weekly drop off of food to people, then swung by the Asian grocery store.  I was surprised to see that my favorite Thai restaurant was now open for dine-in service so we stopped and had a (very belated) birthday lunch. 

There were very few people in the restaurant--although there was a mountain of food waiting for Door Dash and Uber Eats to pick up--but overall it was great.  The food was amazing as it always was before!  Finally, on the way home I was reading the local paper online and saw that Kohls was going to open starting today so we stopped by and took a quick walk through the store.  There were not many people there and also no sales so we were a bit disappointed that they wouldn't have some great sales to get rid of their old inventory.  Today was almost...normal!