Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad Habits

I would probably be wealthy, or at least have more money, if it weren't for my bad habits.
  1. My worst habit is Starbucks and assorted other coffee shops. Oddly enough, I can't stand the taste of coffee but going to a coffee shop nearly every day is a habit that is #1 making me fat, and #2 making me broke. For the record, I will often have a hot chocolate or a green tea frapuccino instead of coffee. Anyway, it is hard to change this habit because, at least in our area, going to coffee shops whether with friends or alone is just something many people do each day. Coffee shops are a great place to socialize and also a great place to relax (my favorite Starbucks is located in Barnes and Noble where I can both relax and read which are my two all-time favorite things to do). But when you do this every day it becomes a habit and when you have a habit that includes parting with your hard-earned cash each day it becomes a black hole for your money. Not good.
  2. My second worst habit is buying stuff for people. I guess I am a people pleaser and I also have the habit of seeing things that people "need" and wanting to get it for them. Case in point, I went to the Coach outlet store this weekend and I found the perfect bag that I have been looking for (it was even 50% off retail plus an additional 30% off so it was a super bargain). But that wasn't the problem. I had planned to buy the bag and I had the cash to buy it, however my sister was shopping with me and on the spur of the moment I decided to buy her something as well. Even though I had the cash to buy her a purse, it wasn't something I had planned. She was looking at the bag wistfully and I knew she couldn't afford it and it only took about thirty seconds to justify my purchasing the bag for her--she has five kids, she is a great, hard-working mom, she never treats herself, she has never had a Coach purse and has always really wanted on, Christmas is coming up... I tend to do this all the time. If I can make someone happy by getting them something, I can instantly justify the purchase. At least now I am limited by the cash I have to spend. It was much worst when I had a wallet full of credit cards...

So with my looming unemployment coming up, I am now more aware than ever that I need to reign in my bad habits. How to accomplish this is another question.

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