Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Steps to Getting Rid of All of Your Worldly Posessions

Our house is so bare! Our final garage sale will be tomorrow and after that we will be ready to move out. Here's how we have been able to get rid of nearly everything we own:

  1. CraigsList is awesome! We used postings on CraigsList to get rid of most of the "big stuff" like furniture, appliances, and most other things of value. Best of all, the ads are free and there is no limit to the number of ads you can post.

  2. Garage sales. Tomorrow will be our third garage sale in three weeks. We have had a really good turn out of people even though it is mid winter. Again, a posting on CraigsList and a few signs posted around the neighborhood as well as a notice sent out to my FaceBook friends has brought in lots of people to buy our stuff.

  3. Hubby has been pretty creative with making sales to his friends. He knows quite a few people at our local casino so he packed up his van with lots of stuff he wanted to sell (clothes, etc) and basically tells everyone he has stuff to sell and they come out to the van to take a look (see picture above) and to buy!

  4. Giving stuff away. After our final garage sale tomorrow, we will invite friends and family to come over and take anything they want at no charge. I have also put stuff aside for people who I know want certain things and will distribute these bags next week.

  5. Donating stuff. The final thing we will do before we move out will be to box up any leftovers and donate the items to our local thrift store. I will donate any leftover food to a meal program that feeds the homeless, and we will also bring some things (leftover paper towels, toiletries, some food stuff) with us to the cousins house we will be staying at for a few days.

And "wa la" everything is gone!

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  1. Wow. That's awesome!!! Good stuff! I'm behind on your posts, so i'm off to read more! :)