Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Quick 20 Sentences

Another goes...
  1. Just got a call from our realtor, our house is closing two weeks early which means around February 1st. I need to get busy selling everything!
  2. I suck at New Years Resolutions. The only things I wanted to do were exercise daily and avoid Starbucks. I failed at both by day 10. :(
  3. I have been officially unemployed for 13 days and I am bored silly. I'm already trolling for a new business to start.
  4. We will get to Asia sooner than expected. We hope to be in Japan the first week of February.
  5. February 1st will be the first month I don't have a big paycheck coming in. I am getting a bit worried since I have been earning a paycheck non-stop for nearly 30 years. Eekk.
  6. I like updating my Tumblr blog because it is so easy and I don't have to actually write bog posts. Pictures and links suffice.
  7. I'm getting bored with our food. We are trying to eat everything in the pantry and not eat out at all/buy more food. Blah.
  8. I am a huge fan of Reddit and AskMetaFilter and have been spending way too much time on both sites.
  9. Now that we are getting closer to being houseless (homeless?) hubby and I are both in an Oh-My-God-What-Are-We-Doing panic.
  10. We had snow yesterday but it all melted by today (unlike the family in New England that are still wading through more than a foot of snow. Even family in Atlanta got more snow than we did!).
  11. I will miss my friends when I am gone. It was nice getting together with a couple of friends today who are both amazing people.
  12. I need to force myself to exercise everyday. The way I have decided to do this is to ride my bike from Canada to Mexico in June. I figure that will be 30 straight days of six to eight hours of exercise every day. Perfect. Hubby doesn't know yet.
  13. My favorite ice cream is now Umpqua Espresso Madness. I'd never heard of the brand before but hubby brought some home and it was amazing.
  14. We got a bill for our house insurance and it increased by 105%. Just because I called about making a claim. We didn't even make a claim and the company didn't even pay any money out but still the price shot up. I don't really care because we are moving but thought I would warn others about such a thing because it was a total surprise to me.
  15. I want a Mac Book Pro. I don't need one but I want one. I don't even know if I really want one but every person I see with one looks so happy when they are using it. Oh the power of suggestion.
  16. The shooting in Arizona was totally sad. It wasn't a gun control issue, it was a "we have a really lousy mental illness safety net system" issue.
  17. I need to eat healthier or I'm going to die. Seriously. I eat well for a few days then fall into my eat something quick no matter how unhealthy it is habit.
  18. As soon as we get the check from our house sale, we will pay off the mortgage and hubby's credit card and be completely debt free. I. Can't. Wait.
  19. I am proof reading the book that I wrote during the summer. I hope to shop it to a publisher in the spring.
  20. I appreciate all of the comments on this blog. It is nice to know there are people out there that think like me!

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