Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Cheap Meals

With about a week and a half before we move out, we have been working diligently on "eating down" our food supply so we can both save some money and limit the amount of stuff we have to give away before we move. Needless to say, the meals are getting a bit boring but I have also noticed that eating this kind of simple, cheap food, we can basically eat for less than a dollar per meal. Here's what we have been eating lately:

--two eggs (hard boiled or fried), two pieces of toast, an apple or banana (about 70 cents total!)
--breakfast burrito (tortilla, refried beans, scrambled egg, tomato, onion) (about 60 cents total!)
--2 pancakes, 2 eggs (about 40 cents total!)
--oatmeal with milk and cinnamon, apple or banana (about 70 cents total!)

--tuna sandwich, carrot sticks, oatmeal cookies (about $1)
--grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, pear (about $1)
--homemade vegetable soup, salad (about $1)
--homemade chili, rice, raw vegies (about $1)

--salmon, cous cous, salad
--baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, frozen vegies
--sweet and sour meatballs, rice, tomato and cucumber salad
--spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

Most of the stuff we have been eating is from the freezer and pantry augmented with fresh eggs, fruit, and vegetables. This has been a great way to save money since we aren't running to the grocery store and making a haul each week and we have been able to eat quite a few things that had been previously pushed to the back of the pantry.

p.s. Here is a great link if you find yourself low on funds but have a family to feed: $45 Emergency Menu for Four to Six People


  1. It sounds like you're doing great with using up food on hand. With moving so soon, you're to be commended for doing all that cooking too!

  2. Thanks! It's the boring food that we tend to push towards the back of the cabinet and never eat so I guess it is a good idea to do a total cabinet clean out every once in a while. From now on I am shopping like the Europeans..every day or two..this way we can actually eat everything we buy before shopping for more food!

  3. Thanks for this post! We just got a substantial paycut and i'm scrambling to come up with affordable meal ideas for a large family! This gives me ideas! (and hope!)