Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update: The We Are Homeless Edition

It's been a busy week. Here's what happened:
  • We finally got everything sold, stored, and packed for our trip.
  • The house closed (without a single hitch!) and we got the check from the proceeds of the sale which will pay off a debt and fund our travel for the next year. We have an amazing realtor!
  • We had a last minute scramble to clean out the house before the new owners arrived (I finished sweeping the entryway as they were driving up!).
  • The cable company shut off our internet on the 6th instead of the 9th which meant no internet and no blog posts.
  • We became officially homeless yesterday (scary!).
  • I had a last minute medical situation which took up the better part of two days right as we were packing out our final things (more on this in a future post).
  • I did our taxes in the middle of the fray because I didn't want to drag our tax paperwork all over the country with us and saved $1200! (more on this in a future post)
  • We are heading to Atlanta tomorrow. I picked Atlanta for the first month because usually the weather is much better there in February than dreary Seattle. However Seattle is super sunny today and Atlanta has reports that they are expecting snow tomorrow :(
  • I started some sort of hubbub with the state because I went to change the address on my driver's license to our mailing address (it is a law in Washington that you need to change your address within ten days of moving or you could get a fine). They insisted on an actual location where I live and I insisted that I am technically homeless. They said that the homeless don't drive. I said they should check out all of the homeless living in their cars. Anyway, they wouldn't help me so I took this problem to some very outspoken homeless advocates I know and they are now talking to legislators and making a very big deal about this--as they should. While I have the option of buying another house, the actual homeless do not and they shouldn't get a fine just because they don't have an actual place to live.

That's pretty much all that has happened over the past week. As soon as we get situated my posting schedule will get back on track!


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to read about all your upcoming adventures!

  2. You've been busy, but are so organized! I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures too. Have fun!