Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're Off!

Actually we will be leaving in a couple of days but here is our schedule as it stands now:
  • We will go to Manila on September 1st (arrive on September 2nd).
  • Hubby will stay in Manila while I go to Japan to visit friends from September 4th to 8th.
  • I will go back to Manila on September 8th then we will fly to Davao in southern Philippines to visit family.
  • On September 18th we will return to Manila then fly back to Seattle the next day.
  • Between September 20th and 28th we will organize our stuff and pack in into a moving van.
  • On September 28th we will drive our stuff to Las Vegas then put in in storage there (we KNOW we will be moving to Las Vegas at some point and figured it would be better to move in the fall than in the dead of winter).
  • We will stay in Las Vegas from October 1st to 11th and find a house to make an offer on.
  • On October 12th we will go to Connecticut to visit family and so hubby can play in the World Poker Tour tournament.
  • That is as much as we have tickets for, after that our schedule is open.  We would like to catch a cruise from New York to Florida like we did last year but if it is out of our budget or not scheduled when we want to leave we will fly directly to Atlanta and stay there with the SIL until our house closes in Las Vegas.  As soon as it closes we will fly to Las Vegas and move in! Whew! Hopefully we will get to spend Christmas in our new house in Las Vegas.  I never thought I would say I am tired of traveling but I am tired of traveling!


  1. I wish I could get tired of traveling! That sounds like a great trip.

  2. You are going to be crazy busy for the next couple months!! Sounds fun though! :)

  3. Sounds like a plan. May the travel gods be with you!