Monday, October 24, 2011

50 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Yesterday I was all fired up about my November "Earn $1000" challenge.  So I got right to work thinking of ways I could bring in that extra cash.  There are some things I can't do (sell my blood or eggs) and some things I won't do (anything illegal or immoral) but that still leaves lots of good ideas for bringing in a little extra money.  Here's my list:

1. Write ten articles for Freelance Switch (I have written for them before; they pay $50 per article)
2. Write ten articles for Dollar Stretcher (I have written for them before and made around $70 per article)
3. Charge for nails site (I made a simple website for a business but haven't charged them since; I should at least charge them for the hosting fee)
4. Put independent ads on one of my websites (I have a website that gets 1000+ visitors a day but I have yet to monetize it other than Adsense)
5. Create a better web design and put more ads on one of my websites (Ditto)
6. Do a kickstarter campaign (I still need to look into this to see if it would work)
7. Monetize all blogs (I haven't done a very good job of this)
8. Swap meet stall x 12 days (This would be expensive to get started and I don't know what my product would be)
9. Help people at storage unit (I noticed when we were moving our stuff into the storage unit other people looked like they would need help moving stuff in and out; I may give my name and number to the lady that runs the facility and for $15 or $20 an hour I could help people that needed it there)
10. Redesign NWR site (I may propose a website redesign to one of my clients and charge them, of course)
11. Get percentage of donations for IAC (I could do some fundraising work for my former non profit and make a deal to keep a small percent of the money raised)
12. Flyers to do immigration paperwork (I have done a lot of immigration paperwork in the past and thought about putting up flyers to help people apply for citizenship for a small charge)  (*I just found out that this is now illegal on the federal level as well as the state level.  Although I haven't done immigration forms since we started traveling last winter, it is too bad that people will now hove to pay exorbitant prices for attorneys to fill out simple USCIS forms for them! )
13. Write novel and get it published or publish myself (I have a novel that is about 75% finished, if I get busy on it maybe I could get it published and make some money from it)
14. Write ebook and sell online (I have considered writing an ebook to sell on the website that has 1000+ visitors a day as a way to help monetize the site)
15. Sell bottled water (I read this idea somewhere and thought what better place to fill a cooler with bottled water and ice then walk down The Strip and sell it--it's hot out there and water is expensive on The Strip!)
16. Do some craigslist gigs (I like doing short time gigs but I looked at the Vegas CraigsList gigs and most of it looked like porn stuff :0   )
17. Be a Las Vegas tour guide (I could definitely pick people up from the airport and give them a quick tour of the area for a fee)
18. Hold a sign on the corner and dance (I see these people holding signs for stores on the corner all the time and figured I could do that as well...but it is still kind of hot outside).
19. Sell ad space on our car (I'm not sure if this is done here but in other places businesses pay people to put their advertising on their cars)
20. Perform on the street (There are a lot of street performers in the Freemont area...and they seem to make money doing this...hmmm)
21. Do online surveys (I have read numerous posts about doing this, I believe it isn't much per survey but you can make like $50 a day doing this)
22. Online: elance, mechanical turk, demand studios, associated content (all of these places have simple freelance work that they may a minimal amount for)
23. Niche blog on Filipino cooking (hubby is an excellent Filipino food cook; I may start a blog with videos posted on YouTube which could be monetized)
24. 1000 places WA book/blog (A friend and I talked about doing a book/blog about Washington; we may still do this)
25. Set up remail office/co-work space (I am fascinated with the co-work idea but it would cost a lot of money to get this going)
26. Sell baked goods (I love to bake but I would need to find a commercial kitchen and a place to sell the items)
27. Gamble (we are in Las Vegas after all and I am a pretty good pai gow player but of course income from this isn't guaranteed)
28. Day trading (people do make money day trading but I'm not sure how well I would do with this)
29. Make vanity websites
30. Teach a class (on what I'm not sure)
31. Computer set up (I am always the one people call to set up their new computers and/or fix their computer problems so I could probably do this for money)
32. Las Vegas day trips (hubby and I like to go find new experiences around Las Vegas each day, maybe we can include paying customers on our adventures)
33. Buy stuff to resell on etsy or ebay or craigslist (some people--hi blogger friends!--are great at doing this and it looks interesting but I'm not sure how I would do at this)
34. Wear a sign and walk the strip (again, instead of using the car to show off advertising for a business, I could wear a sandwich board and walk The Strip)
35. Sell one of my websites (the one that gets 1000+ visitors a day)
36. Youtube videos of hubby cooking (some people make money from just their YouTube videos and don't even need a blog with it; I want to find out how this is done and make hubby a cooking star!)
37. Resumes in 10 minutes (another idea for my booth at the swap meet; now I write resumes for free for anyone who asks)
38. Sell pizza at UNLV or Nellis barracks (college students and guys in the military are usually hungry, when I was in college I would buy a bunch of $5 pizzas then sell them at the university for $10)
39. Work concessions at National Finals Rodeo (there are so many concessionaires at UNLV and the convention center during big events that this might be an interesting part time job)
40. Do extreme couponing then sell stuff at the swap meet (if I can buy stuff really cheap I could resell it at the swap meet for a profit)
41. Save frap money (hubby gives me $5 a day for Starbucks, I could save this money and end up with$150!)
42. Sell laptop and netbook (I have these two items in our storage shed that I don't need any more, I may try selling them even though they probably won't bring in much money)
43. Ask people to give me money (every day I pass people on the street begging for money, I guess I could do this as well)
44. Set up a social media campaign for a business (some businesses want to get into social media but don't know how. I could help them)
45. Be guide (I saw where hires people to write for certain sections and they get paid about $700 a month for part time work)
46. 101 things to do in Vegas tumblr with seo (some websites on a narrowly focused topic draw lots of hits, and therefore more ad money, so I may do this)
47. Run errands for seniors (there are A LOT of seniors in Las Vegas so I thought about setting up an errand service for them)
48. Holiday work at the mall (stores at the malls are hiring for holiday help so I may apply)
49. Be an online juror for e-juries or (I just learned about this last night and I love court cases plus you get paid to do this. Fun!)
50. Shop for people (there may be a market for people to do other people's Christmas shopping for them)

That was all I could come up with.  I may do one, some, or all of these idea during the course of next month in order to make my $1000.


  1. You have some great ideas here. Most I had never thought of. Thank you~

  2. Wow! That's quite an impressive list! Let us know how you make out! :)

  3. I actually had some of these ideas for you, but I didn't think they would yield $1000 in one month. Re #9: Similarly, I was thinking of those laborers you wrote about at Home Depot and wondering how much they make and are they paid in cash? All construction crews usually need a clean-up person or a go-fer.
    Re#26: The Ebay Selling Coach recently wrote about a canned pumpkin shortage and that you can make huge profits on Ebay and selling cans in lots. Or you can make apple and pumpkin pies and sell them for the Thanksgiving holidays. (lots of work though)
    Re #50: Great idea! You can get the joy of shopping and get paid for it!
    Seriously, I really think you should work on your book. You have a lot of experiences to share with people. :)