Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bunch of Links and an Update

First, some links you might find useful (I found most of these when looking for ways to make some extra money this month):
And some non-money-making-related links:
And an update:
  • I have made exactly zero dollars with my money challenge to date.  That's the problem with writing-you will (probably) get paid, just not any time soon.
  • We decided not to go to the SIL's wedding.  Although hubby would really like to be there, the cost of around $1000 for a three day event (airfare, car rental, etc) is just too much for us to spend right now.  He actually pointed out that $1000 would pay all of our bills for an entire month and asked if we want to blow it on three days of fun.  We both decided that the answer to that was 'no'.
  • We did decide to take the cousin up on her offer and rent her condo in Las Vegas until we buy and move into a house here.  She is very generously offering us her condo for $600 a month (about $150 under the regular rental price).  We would only need to pay for electricity, as water, garbage, and sewer is included in the rent.  We would also need to pay for cable TV and internet if we want that (still up in the air if we can live without it).  Even though the other cousin that we are currently staying with said we can stay with her (for the next SEVEN months or so) we decided against that.  It would save us money but she only has a two bedroom condo and we feel like we are "in her space" so to speak.  It will be nice having our own place once again!
  • I didn't call the mortgage company and try to get our late payment issue resolved as one commenter suggested.  If I was in a hurry to buy here I may have done that but, oddly enough, I am all of the sudden not in so much of a hurry to buy in Las Vegas.  After being here for a month there are some things I definitely don't like about the city so I think the forced wait will give us more time to evaluate if this is really the place we want to stay.
  • I just added my Twitter feed over there...>>>>>   I am as bad as the kids...everything I do these days I feel the need to tweet about it.  Plus I have Twitter linked to my FaceBook page so they both get updated at the same time which saves some extra typing.

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  1. I don't blame you for skipping SIL's wedding... $1000 is a lot of money! And you definitely want to be sure you're buying where you REALLY want to live!