Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15 of My Money Challenge, a Link, and an Update

First for my money challenge:
  • I did another survey for Opinion Outpost which showed up in my email.  I haven't yet figured out how it works but it looks like the survey that I did that took about 5 minutes will pay me $2.
  • We gave our idea of being Las Vegas hosts a whirl today, picked up a friend from the airport, and he insisted on paying for our lunch so we got a $15 lunch for free!  We may turn this into a business!
And a link:
And an update:
  • Yes we caved to peer pressure (or sister pressure) and we will be going to the SIL's wedding the first weekend of December.  I have been checking airline ticket prices and what started out at $750 for two tickets this weekend, went down to $650 this morning, then when I checked prices again this evening it was $555 for two round trip tickets so we quickly bought them.  We will also be riding to and from the airport with the guilt-inducing sister who is renting a car so that is another expense we won't need to pay, plus lodging is free as well (I'm kind of curious to see the place that they rented--it sleeps 25 people!). 

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  1. It's hard not give in to "family" pressure, and hey, at least it's family right? :) That's a good price drop on the tickets!!