Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 of My Money Challenge

I still don't feel like much is happening with my money challenge because it is day three and I have earned a grand total of $0! :(  But here is what I did today:
  • I worked up the courage to call one of the ladies I made a website for and ask her for payment.  Originally our deal was that we would trade work--I would make her a website and she would give the hubby and I manis and pedis at her salon.  But her salon is in Connecticut and we haven't been there for more than a year so I called her today and said I would have to bill her and she was fine with that so I quickly jotted up an invoice and emailed it to her. Whew.  It's hard asking for money sometimes!
  • I signed up for EJury.  This is similar to the online mock jury service I signed up with yesterday and it doesn't pay as much but both services sound like a really interesting way to make some money.
  • I wrote an article and submitted it to Dollar Stretcher.  I have sold articles to them in the past so hopefully they will buy this one as well (it usually takes a few months for them to publish it and pay however).


  1. Seems like you are doing well. I know I would have been nervouse to but mani-pedi in another state arent doing you much good.

    Great job

  2. Good for you!! :) It is hard asking for money! Which weird, because it is owed to us! lol!