Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 of My Money Challenge's only day five and I am in a slump already!  Here's what I did today:
  • I checked out the guide listing but although I know somethings about the areas they have open, I don't know enough to be an expert on any of the subjects.  This looks like a pretty good gig if people like to write and have an in-depth knowledge of the specific subject areas.  Check out the info here if you are interested.
  • I haven't had much response for the laptop and net book I posted on CraigsList.  One person texted and offered half of my list price and another person texted and asked if I would trade a cellphone for the laptop.  Next week I may repost with a lower price.
  • I signed up for Mechanical Turk because it looked like an interesting way to make a bit of money from home on my computer but after perusing the ads I decided not to do it.  The ads I saw were horribly under-paying for work that takes a good amount of skill (ie: a 300-word article for $1 and transcribing a four minute conversation for $1.50).  Blah.
  • Then I checked out the CraigsList gigs and it was double programmer with HTML skills to work for free.  Cute feet in the park.  No fee.  Sexy women to model nude for photographer, again for free.  Ayayay are these people insane??? 
  • I got a response back from Dollar Stretcher saying that the article I submitted was too similar to other recent articles so I will post that article here today and then write something else to submit.
On a side note, hubby's sister from Atlanta called us today and said she was getting married in a few weeks and asked if we wanted to attend.  It will be in Gatlinburg and I have never seen the Smokey Mountains in the winter so I think it would be a great trip.  We may just go, mostly because we have no other pressing things to do right now and we are still bill-free since we haven't moved anywhere yet so we have the money.  See...things always have a way of working out for the best...
On another side note, be sure to set your clocks back an hour tonight before you go to bed--it is the end of daylight savings time tomorrow!

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