Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 of My Money Challenge

We were busy running around today so I didn't do much with my money challenge.  Currently, besides the money challenge, I am getting a big box of books and school supplies together to send to a very poor school in the Philippines.  It is also my friend in Japan's birthday coming up so today I got her a present and mailed it to her (a Coach purse from the outlet store which I got an additional 30% off on but still... I am shopping like I actually have money and I don't!.  But she was so generous with me when I was in Japan it seems like the least I can do--she really does like Coach).  Here's what I did today:
  • I submitted a bid for a job on eLance (it was for writing a 400 word article so I bid $40).  I need to do my profile since I just set up my account yesterday then got on and bid for the job this morning.  If they look at my profile they will see nothing! Yikes.
  • I checked my AdSense revenue and it looks like I am making much more (about double) than I was before.  I think it was from the extra ads I put on my other website.
  • I am blogging like a manic.  I added a recipe to the Filipino Cook blog and I am also doing the 30 Days of Indie Travel challenge over at my Travel Blog.
  • I still want to sell bottled water on the Las Vegas Strip as I think that would be a quick way to earn some money but it has been freezing cold here for the past couple of days (and no one told me it got so cold in Vegas!! eekkk).  So this idea will have to wait.
And a few other things:  I think I "just" want to be a writer.  That is what I love to do.  Hubby said I could get a job waitressing--they seem to make $30 to $50 an hour in the busier casinos.  And I don't mind waitressing, in fact that is how I put myself through college, it's just that they wear the skimpiest uniforms and to stuff my body into what amounts to a negligee would be truly frightening (for me and the customers!).

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