Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Couple of Challenges for January

Along with making some general resolutions for 2012, there are two challenges that I will be doing in January:
  • The first is a no-spend challenge over at Carla's blog.  For the month of January, which, crossing my fingers, should be really quiet with not a lot going on, I will try to spend NO money for the month (except for food, see second challenge below).  Other than a few bills (cells, tithe, electricity, savings, grandson's school) I don't foresee anything coming up that I would NEED to spend money on (unlike this past month where there were all kinds of things popping up that required money).  If I can possibly get by without purchasing anything but food and paying my meager bills I will.  Even if something comes up (like I have been wanting a new pair of tennis shoes) I will try to put it off until February.  NO SPEND JANUARY!
  • The second is a Whole 30 Challenge.  I have been wanting to "go paleo" for a while but with traveling and holidays and friends bearing yummy food and checking out restaurants in Las Vegas, I have failed miserably at past trials for this.  Anyway, I came across a Whole 30 challenge which is a strict paleo type of diet and for ONE MONTH, I am really going to buckle down and try my best to stay with this eating program.  I really want to see if it is as beneficial as they say and see how one month of concentrated effort and eating right impacts my body.  This is going to be way harder than not spending money because, well I LOVE food.  Ayayay   There is some more information on this challenge here and here.
Do any of you have interesting challenges you will be trying in the new year?


  1. Good luck with your challenges! I would like to do a no spend January, but that's just not possible in our house.

  2. that Whole 30 challenge sounds really interesting and something I would be interested in. I need to look into it further,

    Gill in Canada

  3. Good luck with your no-spend this month!! :) You'll feel like a million bucks after going 100% Paleo for a month!!