Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Rave About the Hubby

I wanted to rave a little bit about the hubby today.  For the past year, I have not worked (a first, since I have always worked full time since I was 16) and we have been getting by on hubby's pensions.  I feel a bit bad about not working, like I am not contributing as I should be and as I always have during our entire marriage, but hubby seems fine with me not working and hasn't mentioned a thing about me getting a job.  Anyway, today I really needed to get my gifts bought and sent to Japan but I have very little money and I knew this was going to be an expensive proposition (and I was right, the gifts were $250 and the shipping was $100!) so I told hubby I needed $350 out of our spending money for gifts and he gave it to me, just like that.  No questions asked.  Although he knew it was for the gifts, he made no comment about how expensive this was going to be, just a "here is the money go get it done".  I felt so guilty taking such a big chunk of our spending money and I know we will have very little to spend until the 1st but this was really important to me (mostly because my friends were super generous to me when I was there in Japan this past fall).  So in short I am thankful for the hubby's generosity and how supportive he is of what is important to me.


  1. Just found you last week looking for info on cash living, first comment.
    I'm so glad to read about a woman who knows just how lucky she is in her relationship with her husband - AND has her ego under control enough to say so!! "Ego" can ruin a marriage. You are so lucky and I am so envious however I just keep working on "me" and I'm still hopefull! I will keep exploring your posts for other useful nuggets.
    Elaine, Charleston, SC

  2. Thanks Elaine! I've only recently begun to drop the ego, oddly enough it seems to coincide with my change to being more frugal and living within my means. I guess when I "got real" about money, everything else began to fall into place as well. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to checking out your blog!