Friday, December 9, 2011

A Quick Update: The Moving Edition!

First, I have done nothing to earn money yet this month.  I was hoping to keep my project from last month going by at least making an effort to try and make money every day or every other day but like most good intentions, life stepped in and we have been busy with other moving...
We just signed the rental agreement for the cousin's condo this morning and she will be leaving on Sunday so we will start moving in Sunday afternoon.  We got a really good deal from the cousin--cheap rent (much less than she is actually paying for the mortgage and condo fees and even less than the market value....nice cousin!), no first last and deposit so we don't have to come up with a chunk of money right now (in fact she gave us the month of December free so we don't actually start paying rent until I said, very nice cousin).
So now that we have the rental agreement I was so excited to go and get a Las Vegas driver's license but no one warned me that the DMV in Las Vegas looks like Disney Land on Spring Break!  A two hour wait time, hundreds of people everywhere, and lines everywhere. Yikes!  I promptly left and next week, since we were going to go up north to the military base, we will try to find a smaller DMV from which to procure our licenses.
Then I called to get the electricity in our name.  I had to wait on hold for twenty minutes just to talk to someone.  I asked if there is a better time to call if I need to talk to them and she said waiting only 20 minutes was a very quick hold time (?!).
Then I called the cable company to find out about internet and cable TV.  They have a deal of $90 a month for six months for phone, internet and cable TV but we don't want a phone as we both have cell phones and we really don't need a million cable channels either.  What we want is cheap and they don't seem to have cheap so it looks like we will get cable only then buy an antenna and see what over-the-air digital stations we can get on our TV since we don't really watch much TV and when we feel like a movie we can just get them for free from the library.
Finally...I can't wait to start cooking meals at home.  I am so tired of eating out--which we have been doing for about the last six months--that it wouldn't bother me if I don't see another restaurant for a year!  Guess I am just craving home cooked food!


  1. Congratulations! And what a nice cousin, and you finally have a place to rest for a bit. Enjoy

  2. Great news! And just in time to do some holiday baking! :)