Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happiness in My Inbox

A while ago (actually it was a couple of months ago) I posted about our efforts to put a box of books and school supplies together to send to our grandson's school in the Philippines.  We were pretty surprised when we went to the Philippines last fall, visited his elementary school, and found that they had very few books and a whole lot of kids (like 50 students in each class room!).  Well today I got a happy surprise in my email box--a note from the teacher saying that the box had arrived and a bunch of pictures from her showing the kids with the new books and school supplies.  Here's a cute picture of the kids (the one in the front with the soccer shirt is hubby's grandson...cute huh?) holding up their new pencils.


  1. Such happy faces for things we take for granted

  2. They look so happy to have pens and pencils! I think I'm going to cry!!!! Thanks so much for posting the photo. It's great!!

  3. Awesome!!! This makes my heart happy! :)