Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Need A...

I was going to say job but I don't want one of them.  I just want the money that comes along from working so I guess my only other option is a business.  This is basically why I don't want a job.  And freelance writing is OK but the pay is often both low (like $50 per article) and slow (like you get paid when it is published and that could be a month or more out).  So I have settled on the need for a business.  Plus I have friends who recently moved here who feel basically the way I do--getting a job is just a way to tide one over until their own business starts producing money.
Sooo...the parameters for my business are like this:
  • Low to no overhead (I hate having to make enough money to cover $1000+ in expenses like rent and utilities, etc before putting any money in my pocket).
  • I can work from anywhere (I will literally die if I have to work 9 to 5 in an office.  Plus I want to be able to continue to travel a lot and I really like a flexible schedule where each day is different).
  • A business where I can put my friends to work too so they can make money as well.
That's about it for the structure but as yet I still don't know what I want to actually do.  So coming up with what can be a money-earning yet still enjoyable business is on my agenda for the next week or so until I figure this out.


  1. I'm with you on this. I just wish I could figure out which direction I want to go in. I really hate working a job.

  2. I don't know if it would work for for you but one of my friends lives in Las Vegas and she is making a good bit of money walking peoples dogs while they are at work. She also is working as a freelance proofreader for one of the casinos(not sure what she does but I know its something to do with there reports)

    Good luck

  3. Walking dogs sounds like a good idea if you're not intimidated by some of them. I hire a pet sitter when I go away. She charges $15 for each visit which can be 2+ times a day depending on your pet's needs. That adds up quick! And she's busy like crazy.

  4. Are you specialising in your writing?

    I think looking at the niches that are growing is a good idea. Baked goods, perfumes - maybe online stores on those consumer niches or selling to businesses (invoices can be anything from 7 - 90 days though)

  5. I hope you continue to write on this topic as this is the EXACT boat I am in. I'm sick of working for others and I'm very free spirited with lost of interests. I want to be able to work from anywhere and travel as I please!