Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three Things I Am Thinking About Today

#1.  I was taking my friends around today so they could both look for jobs.  I was considering getting a job because it would be nice to have some extra money, plus I have some big goals this year such as the family reunion cruise, going to Asia, and going to Europe that I would like to fund, but I read this article and the points he made are quite true--getting a job costs money!  So I think for now I will stick with freelance writing.
#2.  Speaking of freelancing, I need to start writing more.  The November challenge was great, it got me to writing like a fiend so I would have articles to sell, but I have been a bit lazy this month.  I did run across this article, however, that gave me some good ideas for my writing.
#3.  Finally, I have been knee-deep in genealogy this past week and while it is fascinating, like most hobbies, it is also expensive!  I found a lot of info here on my ancestors, however I recently learned, when doing genealogy, you need to get solid data via birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates...and all of these cost money because when you order them through the state vital records office, each certificate costs about $20.  Ayayay...

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  1. My mom is doing the whole family tree thing right now but the its so expensive getting copies of everything!

    good luck