Monday, January 30, 2012

'You Are What You Do'

I'm on a reading kick and gaining all kinds of motivation and inspiration from re-reading this list of some of my favorite success books.  A couple of days ago I was reading a book by one of my favorite motivational authors, Zig Zigler, called "Steps to the Top" and came across a quote that said "you are what you do."  I'm not sure what it was about those specific five words but they kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.  It didn't say 'you are what you intend to do' and it didn't say 'you are what you say you are going to do' but it said "you are what you do."  Something inside me my entire outlook.  I've heard of other people who had experienced similar things--all of the sudden a phrase or a sentence changes their entire outlook on life--but it had never happened to me...until now. 
This made me look at myself in a whole new light.  Believe me, I have a ton of good intentions and I often say I am going to do things but my follow-through is horrible, but if the person I am is reflected in the things I do, I better get busy actually doing things.  For example, I had $30 in my wallet today and while I wanted to use some of that money to go get a pair of shoes, hubby's cell phone bill is coming due soon.  Sometimes I am still not very good with money so I will spend what I have and expect that I can cover my bills with other money that will be coming in.  But today I wanted my actions to reflect that I am a good steward of my money--not just talk about it, but actually show it in my actions--so I skipped shopping and went and paid hubby's cell bill.
I think this new concept may very well change my life...


  1. It's a wonderful outlook on life! My "life changer" is, "If you want to be happy, be." ;)

  2. we must be twins I did the same thing today as well, I had money in my purse left over but I need dog food so I put the spare cash away, rather than be tempted to spend it on a want.


  3. Pretty powerful concept. I myself often talk about how I want to eat better, spend less, study more etc... tomorrow. But it's what you do right now that counts. I couldn't agree more.

  4. My life changer quote is on my fridge, from Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or think you can't--you're right." But my latest favorite is "Set course for awesome." I have that in a few places at home and at work. :)