Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Seem to Blog Best When I'm Cranky...

I don't know why.  When things are going well it seems like I don't have much to talk about but when they are going bad...well, here is a look at my day...
  • Son #2 called last night.  Seems he decided to rent a u haul and move his wife and two kids from Colorado to North Carolina in the middle of a snow storm.  Needless to say he had no experience driving a u haul, let alone in the middle of the snow storm, and they slid off into a ditch which totalled both the u haul (which he opted to not insure) and their van.  Fortunately no one was injured which is the most important thing.  Now they are trying to figure out what to do.  The stuff they had in the u haul is mostly crap anyway so I told them to give it away or throw it away and we will get them four one way tickets to NC where they can start over.  Fortunately daughter #2 who lives in NC and the kid's mom (hubby's ex) will be there to help them get settled in.  Ayayay.  I'm thinking people who are single and have no kids end up infinitely wealthier than people with kids because no matter their age (this particular kid is 30) they always cost money! 
  • I went to the post office today to mail some gifts to my friends in Japan.  The line was out the door and there was a total on ONE person working at the counter!  The USPS is hideous.  Service at McDonalds is MUCH faster and it is staffed with a gaggle of teenagers who make minimum wage.  Meanwhile postal service employees are paid really well and have a boatload of benefits and they still can't provide decent customer service.  Color me cranky.
  • We will get back into the house hunt at the end of the month.  Fortunately the lender said to just email our recent tax info to him and he will write us up a pre-approval letter no problem.  I am, however, a bit unexcited about the proposition of starting the house hunt over after we made EIGHT offers on houses previously and were outbid on all of them.  Ayayay.
  • There is no change in the right side numbness/tingling on my body.  I have no idea what it is but since they ruled out anything fatal I guess it is a nuisance but not too horrible to live with.  I did drop off a big bag of cookies and brownies to the ER staff who helped me out and they seemed super happy (I don't think the ER staff has much time to eat since they are always so busy!).  So if you are looking for a good deed to do, bring your local hospital ER staff some goodies to eat and they will be infinitely pleased (plus it will be good karma for you).
  • Follow up on son #2.  I just talked to his wife and told her we would pay the $500 for their airline tickets if they want to get rid of their stuff and take this option.  She wants to keep all of her (IMHO) crappy stuff and would rather spend $1500+ for the rental car, u haul, gas, hotel rooms, etc. to get to NC.  I told her that way they could keep their $1500 and buy a car with that money when they get there but noooo she doesn't want to do that. Ayayay.  Kids.
Anyway, I will quit whining.  Now I am going to spend a bit of time reading all of your blogs which I have been sadly remiss in doing for the past couple of weeks!


  1. Does this daughter in law work? Let her pay for it if that is what she wants. Did your son ask for help? I mean did he ask you to buy tickets? Sometimes I offer to help when it is really not needed and then when they don't do it my way I am insulted. I have found that I really have to let them ask foe help. Sometimes they just need to vent and work it out in their minds. And you are right people who have no kids do come out on top financially but not emotionally many times. Family is a blessing. I think? :) Sorry about your bad day, I have had a few of those and they do make for better blogging!

  2. Maybe you should change the blog's name to Cranky Only Living. lol. Just kidding! Go easy on the postal workers. They've had so many cutbacks that less people are doing more work and they are stressed out about the possibility of losing their jobs or getting hours cut. I know my local P.O. people are. Put yourself in the place of that one counter person. Not an easy job. Also remember, you were there on Tues which was right after the Pres Day holiday. Maybe you can bring some cookies to the post office next time. :)

  3. child free for life, I NEVER understood the need to breed, i guess mindless following the life script, i am more of a free thinker. very rare


  4. OK OK you are right. The kids didn't ACTUALLY ask for help. I just kind of assume that when they call and are in crisis they need help. After they declined the offer, they did pack up both U haul and rental car and are on their way to NC. I know it is best to let them figure this out on their own (I mean they are in their 30s at I probably did lots of stuff that didn't make much sense at that age either!) sometimes it is hard not to comment/criticize/make some "helpful" suggestions. And I never thought about bringing cookies to my local post office people...they would probably fall over in shock since the only thing the usually get from their cranky customers is grief...but this I may try sometime!