Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Phone Update and More Stuff

Here's a quick update for the weekend...
  • After I wrote my last post about switching back to a not-so-smart phone, I started playing with my new cell phone and found that the internet was deathly slow so this phone went back to Best Buy and I pulled out my old old cell phone and for some reason the internet on that simple phone was much quicker than the new phone so I guess this is the phone I will use for a while.  This saved me $50 (the cost of the new phone) plus, I listed my smart phone for sale on CraigsList and sold it for $150 about a half hour after the as was posted!  This was a $50 loss from the price I originally paid for the phone but I will be able to make this up with the lower-rate calling plan in 2.5 months.
  • Do you ever put off having a haircut just to save money?  We do.  For me it usually includes using bobby pins to keep my hair off my face for a week or two longer than usual so that instead of having twelve haircuts a year I can get by with about eight.  For hubby, who generally wears his hair kind of short and standing up (yes he is in his 60s but he has the same haircut as kids in their 20s with the top gelled straight up), this means that I run the shaver around his neck and ears every week to keep his hair looking tidy until the top grows too long and he is forced to get a haircut.  Just thought I would share this money saving tip...
  • We are spending the weekend at The Rio.  The cousin had another weekend room comp at the hotel and no one to use it so we packed our bags and drove across town and now are enjoying another "tourist weekend" in Las Vegas.  I met the most fascinating lady while we were waiting for our husbands to play poker--she and her husband spend six months each year in Las Vegas and the summer at their home in North Dakota.  Instead of buying a house here and all of the expenses that entails, they simply rent a two bedroom "suite" in a hotel for six months a year and she said that saves them a lot of money over the cost of maintaining two homes.  Good idea...
  • I read this blog post over at Judy's blog and I have to agree.  The price of gas is going up shockingly fast (yes, I realize that as Americans we are spoiled with relatively low gas prices compared to other countries but I WANT MY CHEAP GAS!).  I don't know what we will do if gas reaches $5 per gallon.  Fortunately we only have one car and the hubby and I always go everywhere together, and fortunately Las Vegas has a relatively small footprint as far as cities are concerned, and fortunately we don't HAVE to leave the house as neither of us works, BUT we currently don't live near a bus line so switching to the bus instead of driving like we did last time gas prices peaked is out of the question.  We can make fewer driving trips of course but neither one of us wants to be forced to stay home all of the time.  I'm seriously thinking about solar energy for our new house so I was wondering about solar energy to power a car...hmmm.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That's great about the comp room! Have a good weekend!

  2. Look at the bright side. When gas goes up, people who are not used to being frugal will seek advice on how to cut back and they will find you! Have fun at The Rio!