Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Wonderful Birthday Party

We celebrated hubby's birthday yesterday with a small party and it was wonderful!  At 63, he isn't much into birthdays and parties (in fact, I'm sure he would have been happier parked at a poker table somewhere), but we threw together a last-minute gathering with some friends and some food and ended up with everyone eating until they were stuffed and having a great time.  Of course I offered to cook everything since it was his birthday but he, in fact, ended up cooking almost everything (thank goodness, I can bake but really can't cook very well).  Hubby's three cousins came over, our brother-in-law from Atlanta came over, and my friends who recently moved here from Seattle came as well and although they are all from very different backgrounds, they all talked for hours (a sure sign of success when it comes to house parties).  Hubby made some amazing gourmet food which ranged from Mexican to Filipino, and we sang happy birthday to him.  We actually spent very little on the food (everything was cooked from scratch) and didn't even have a cake (banana bread and brownies seem to go over much better, especially since I baked a lot of extra to send home with everyone) but this was one of the best birthday parties we have had in recent memory!


  1. It all sounds wonderful and perfect!

  2. it's often those last minute thrown together events that turn out the best.

    Belated Happy Birthday to him,

    Gill in Canada