Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Quick Update

Sorry, busy.  Here's what's been happening lately:

  • We heard yesterday that our offer on house #10 was not accepted since they accepted someone else's offer so today we looked at yet another house and, surprise, it is the best house we have seen so far.  I think this is the universe's way of saying things will work out well in the long run.  So we made an offer (adding $10,000 to the sales price since it seems that banks will list a very low price to get more people to look at the property then they will take their sweet time collecting offers to get the highest sales price).  I am hopeful but not holding my breath for obvious reasons...this is house offer #11.
  • Right when I was racking my brain to figure out how I was going to pay for my new laptop by next month (and how to fund my giant vacation plans) I got an email from my friend.  I mentioned a while back that her agency is merging with another one and I told her to hold out for $90k since her job responsibilities will increase.  She went into the salary negotiation meeting asking for $100k thinking that she would settle for $90k if they pushed back but to her surprise they told her $100k would be fine, end of meeting.  So when she emailed me to relay this happy bit of information she also asked me to do some rush work for her and she would pay me well for it.  This will more than pay off my laptop and it came totally out of the blue.  I LOVE serendipity.  Now if the universe wanted to shower me with $30,000 I would be totally happy...in shock, but happy.
  • I was sick for the last couple of days. Happily hubby recovered, unhappily I was next in line to get it (as usually happens).  That kept us both home so we ended up saving both the gas and money which would have been spent if we had not stayed home these past couple of days.  Fortunately I am feeling better now.
  • I went to the dentist today and got the $40 cleaning, x rays, and exam done.  I was a bit leery because, after all, $40 doesn't even cover their staff time and disposables but I was pleasantly surprised.  The office was new (the dentist and his partners have three offices now, this one was new so that is why they were running the super $40 special to draw in new local patients).  Anyway, the staff was nice and the service was excellent.  I told the dentist I was having some on and off tooth pain and he did a bunch of things to see where the pain was but for some reason my teeth were perfectly fine today.  He said the x rays didn't show anything and that sometimes teeth get pains that come and go so to come back in a few weeks if it was still bothering me (I figured--as a blog  commentator pointed out--that for a $40 complete dental service the dentist would come up with a whole host of things wrong with me but he was totally honest and I was totally pleased!).  FYI--if you are in Las Vegas you can get a complete dental cleaning, exam, and x rays at Floss Dental on South Rainbow.  There is currently no end date to the $40 special and the visit was well worth it--my teeth are so white and happy now!
Sorry this is so rushed but I have work to do!


  1. That is so great that you had a good experience with the dentist. I know that my teeth sometimes hurt because I clench my jaw.

    Hopefully more money will be coming your way!!!!

  2. Okay, I admit I was the Debbie downer about the dentist. I can't help it. I'm from NY and very skeptical about things that seem to good to be true. I'm glad it worked out. Really glad! I'm hoping for the best with house 11! And your friend getting a job that pays 100K.....WOW! The universe is listening. Cool!

  3. Lorraine, It is always good to be cautious and usually such a cheap price would be really out of the ordinary but I asked them why the price was unusually low and the receptionist said it was because they are trying to advertise their new place and get new patients.
    Judy--I have noticed that I keep clenching my jaw lately which may be part of my problem--Im going to try not to do that anymore!