Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two More Goals Checked Off and Why You Must Write Down Your Goals

I am quickly working through my list of 30 goals in 30 days (and no one is more surprised about this than me!).  Here’s my recently completed goals:
  • Yesterday I played poker in a real live game with the hubby at Orleans Casino.  While I know how to play poker (kind of), I hadn’t played a game in about four years.  Unfortunately it took me all of 18 minutes to blow $20 at which point my goal had been completed so I slunk off to read my book in the casino food court while hubby continued to play.  It was a bit of fun, and I actually won the first pot of the game, but for me, playing poker takes way too much thought.  I have to think about my cards, the other nine player’s cards, my strategy, everyone else’s strategy, if I have any tells, reading other people’s tells…whew that is too much work to be fun!  Plus I am sure I annoyed the other players because there is no method to my madness when it comes to betting and strategy and knowing when to fold ‘em (which, obviously I didn’t because I lost so quickly).  Overall I am glad this was on my goal list but that will probably be the last time I play for quite a while.
  • Today we went to Red Rock Canyon.  It was soooo beautiful and sooo unexpected—when you think of Las Vegas you rarely think about such an amazing piece of nature being so nearby.  Even hubby said “wow” at the amazing view and he never “wows” about nature.

And this is why you absolutely must write down your goals: when you do this, something in the universe actually helps you to complete your goals! I don’t know how and I don’t know why, and I doubt if it has been scientifically proven, but whenever I write down things I want to do/see/experience/have, I noticed I have a much better chance of actually doing/seeing/experiencing/having these things than if I just kept them in my head.  Here’s some examples:
  • I’ve always wanted to do a “free hugs” thing on a busy street.  When I wrote it down, I had no idea if I would be brave enough to actually do such a thing.  Fast forward to yesterday when I was checking out the UNLV calendar and it turns out that on Thursday UNLV students and others will be gathered on The Strip giving out free hugs.  Guess who will be joining them?
  • Way back when, when I made up this list, I really wanted to see the Grand Canyon but had no idea how to pull this off because I figure it will be a kind of expensive goal.  I had no idea that all national parks are free this week which will waive the $25 entry fee that we would have had to pay.  I believe we will be doing this goal at the end of the week.
  • I’m kind of a fan of university lectures so I wrote “attend a university lecture” on my list.  I had no idea I would get to see Tony Hsieh (he’s an entrepreneurial rockstar and founder of Zappos), in person with the purpose of helping others become entrepreneurs.  I found this lecture/event on the UNLV website and I am RSVPed for the event tomorrow afternoon.
  • Finally, I also made up a giant wish list of stuff I want and need and I am making surprising headway on that list as well.  Just today an unexpected $75 landed in my mail box (it was a rebate from a couple of months ago that I totally forgot about) which will be put towards acquiring some of the things on my list.

THAT is why you must write down your goals…they really will come true!

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  1. well done, please remember to take plenty of photos from the Grand Canyon, as I would love to go one day,