Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Furnishing Our New Home on the Cheap

Well at least I hope we will have a new home to furnish since we haven't officially closed on the house yet.  Right now our small condo looks kind of like our storage shed with furniture and boxes stacked everywhere but we have been getting stuff ready to move and buying furniture and other things to decorate the house with when we move in because we don't really have much in storage to fill up the rooms.  Here's some of our best deals:

  • We needed to buy a kitchen table and chairs.  When we asked the cousin where a good place to buy this set would be, she mentioned that she had an "old, ugly" set in her garage that we could have if we wanted.  Of course we jumped on the offer and for $6.95, the cost of some fabric to reupholster the chairs, we saved probably $300+ over the cost of buying a new set.  In the picture above, you can see the old chair on the left and the newly covered chair on the right.  Throwing some new fabric over the old fabric on what are very sturdy chairs is a really cheap way to end up with nice furniture!
  • We were at the Goodwill today (it's half off for seniors day!) and came out with a bunch of good stuff including a high table for our bedroom TV for $12 (pictures will follow when we get the house set up), and three bar stools for $3 each.  I am super happy with the bar stools because the kitchen has a big island and we wanted some stools for the island in case we want to add extra seating in the kitchen.  When we looked at Walmart, the cheapest price we could find for new bar stools was $15 each but they were small and not very sturdy.  Hubby spied a set of three upholstered stools at the Goodwill that were the perfect size and very sturdy but had kind of ugly (well used) upholstery on them so we grabbed the stools and then raced to the fabric store and bought up the last of the same fabric we used on the chairs so we could redo the bar stools as well (hmmm...maybe my side business should be upholstery!).  It was a nice day at the Goodwill!
  • Last week we picked up some end tables for $2.50 each.  They were from Ikea and looked nearly new and were a savings of about $17.50 each over buying new.  A few days later we were at the indoor swap meet here in Las Vegas and a booth was selling close out scarves for $1.50 each so we bought two matching scarves and these will be used to cover the end tables.
I'm sure there is more stuff but it has been just a blur for the past week or so.  I will post pictures as soon as we get the house all decorated!


  1. Those are really nice chairs. Your other finds sound great too. I can't wait to see more photos!

  2. The best furniture is the gently used stuff!