Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some Random Musings

Because I didn't know what else to write about today...

  • We are still in a holding pattern with the house.  The bank hasn't yet approved the lower price for the house, the lender has asked for another bunch of papers (his requests are never ending), and yesterday the lender said he hoped we could close by Tuesday because he is going on vacation for two weeks starting Wednesday o_0.  Needless to say, hubby is stressed out (me not so much as I would much rather pay for summer AC in our tiny condo than in the bigger house so I figure every day that we aren't in the house we are saving money!).
  • I always read the Consumerist website.  It gives you lots of money-saving tips and also gives you a head's up on scams and other important consumer issues.
  • I tried deep fried pickles for the first time yesterday (see photo above).  They were OK but they sound better than they taste.
  • I am really bummed out about my friend's case.  He has been prosecuted for the same case for THIRTEEN YEARS.  I am at a loss as to how to help him but jeez Louise this is a hideous way to treat anyone!
  • On a happy note, I have sold two more articles to Freelance Switch (here and here).  All I have to do now is upload my articles through WordPress and they get published (and I get paid!).  Yippee!
  • The latest object of my obsession is a Samsung Galaxy 2 tab.  I swear I get fixated on something and I don't stop thinking about it until I get it.  Justification: I can do a lot of things online with the tablet and it is better than a smartphone because I can keep my simple phone with a really long battery life while having the tablet for internet access.  Plus I can work on my books anywhere with it, I can download books to Kindle on it, and I can easily update my social networks from anywhere with it (which takes forever on my not-very-smart phone).  The down side (in addition to the $250 price) is that the internet service for it is $25 a month (which still isn't bad because some smartphone plans are around $80 a month; with T Mobile I will pay $30 for phone and text service and $25 for internet access for the tablet).  I'll need to come up with an additional income source to fund this so it may take a while.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats on the freelance job. Fingers still crossed for you on your house

  2. I was wondering what those things were... *shudder* lol! A tablet is sooo easy! I don't pay for a plan on my iPad, but use it for everything except I need my laptop for PSCS5!

  3. Fried pickles? Gosh, they'll fry anything nowadays. My daughter has a Galaxy phone w/Verizon service and she says the internet is really slow on it. I don't even know how to turn it on. I only have a Tracphone that my husband and I use when traveling. (at least it's not a Jitterbug, but you never know!)