Monday, July 2, 2012

Our First Party Was A Hit!

Whew!  The first social event at our new house went off without a hitch.  Hubby cooked up a ton of food and a bunch of cousins came over from LA and overall everyone was well fed and happy (as a bonus some big PGA tournament was on regular TV yesterday so that gave the golfers in the group something to watch). After a lot of debate we decided to sign up for cable internet (I think the sales people are taught to upsell because I had to tell the guy at the internet company four times that I wasn't interested in cable TV or phone to bundle with my internet).  We had to buy the modem/router ($129--ouch--but that came out a few dollars less than buying a modem and router from Best Buy and it is overall a better deal than renting it depending on if we keep the internet for more than a year).  Plus we will get a reasonably fast internet for $19.95 for the first six months and there is no contract (one guy on a bulletin board says he calls each time one of his cable deals ends and somehow keeps getting discounts so I will mark my calendar to call the internet company in six months to try this).
So the bottom line is that the bills keep adding up but it is my goal to have hubby pay the house payment and for food/etc as he has been doing and somehow I want to earn enough each month to pay for all of the utilities (water, sewer, garbage, gas, electricity and now internet) which I figure will add up to a little less than $500 a month (double ouch)!  That and I really need to do something to revive our emergency funds (hubby's, mine, and our joint fund) which are nearly at $0 (triple ouch).  So my goal for the next couple of months is to MAKE MONEY.  Of course saving money is important but when there isn't much coming in to save it means I need to get busy and actually do something to earn!

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  1. I just changed from DSL to cable internet and it's so much better. You will love it!
    Glad to hear your first get together went so well!