Monday, August 13, 2012

10 Random Things

I'm mostly buried in research today (genealogy and for a book I am working on) so while I take a break I figured I should post something...  Here's what's going on today...

  1. We got on the reserve list for the movie Hunger Games at the library.  We are number 1048! (I'm hoping the library bought more than a few copies).
  2. Whenever hubby wins in poker he gives me money which I immediately use to pay a bill.  He gave me $20 yesterday so this morning I went and paid our $20.25 water bill with it.
  3. I'm feeling like a snack and we don't have any snack food in the house (keeps us from random grazing on unhealthy food) so I think I will bake cookies later.
  4. I hate it when I run in to a dead end on a person I am doing genealogy research on!  So frustrating!
  5. On another genealogy note, the person I thought was my grandmother's grandmother all of this time was actually a step mom to my grandmother's father.  Turns out his first mom died a couple of years after he was born along with his brother who died as a toddler.  My grandmother was named after this woman.  I wonder if my grandmother knew any of this?
  6. Another mass shooting, this time in Texas earlier this morning.  Is this world going to Hell in a hand basket or what???
  7. We are hosting a big surprise party for one of the cousins on Wednesday so hubby will do a mass of cooking and I will do a mass of baking.  The cousin's sisters paid for all of the food we will be cooking which was nice.
  8. My friend's nephew and his friend will come from Japan next week to visit.  First they will go to California then they will come here to Vegas.  I am really looking forward to their visit and we will be taking them to the Grand Canyon which should be interesting (other than that I have no idea how to entertain two teenage college kids from Japan!).
  9. It's hot all this week (which is why I often stay home instead of going with the hubby).  Today it is supposed to be around 110 degrees!  Fortunately (and something I didn't know before moving here) it rains quite a bit in the summer which is nice to keep the dust down.
  10. If you want to learn about what disastrous decisions you should avoid, watch Judge Judy or Divorce Court...I think these two shows cover about all of them!


  1. 4. Totally made me laugh!! It's SOO annoying running into dead people!! ;) lol!!

    Sad about Texas... :( Yes, this world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket fast!!

  2. I swear...I am the worst proof-reader (of my own stuff, fine with other people's writing) ever!