Monday, September 10, 2012

My Hubby is Also Clever

As you saw in the last post, hubby likes to hang onto his money (definitely a good trait!).  Fortunately he is also clever (which also saves money).
We have this big wok which the hubby uses when he cooks for parties.  The problem was that he didn't have a lid for it.  We have some big stainless steel bowls which he has used a couple of times to cover whatever is cooking in the wok but then he has to do a "flippy" thing with the tongs to lift it up then catch it with a potholder since he can't pick it up because it is too hot.  So we headed to the place where we bought the wok and looked for a lid.  We found the lid but it cost $14.95!  Needless to say we didn't buy the lid.  Instead we went home, hubby got one of the big metal bowls he was using for a temporary lid, cut off a small section of a wooden dowel that was left in the garage, then promptly screwed the piece of dowel to the metal bowl thus making the perfect wok lid!  See photo of hubby's cleverness above.
p.s. The only time I don't appreciate his cleverness is when we buy an item that needs to be put together and it comes with instructions of how to put said item together and he still thinks he can figure it out better sans directions.  I draw the line at that.


  1. When a guy is going to assemble something for me, I say in my nicest, non-accusatory, teasing tone, "I know you can do this without directions, but just humor me, do me a favor, and read the directions first. Just humor me, okay?"

    That releases them from the expected macho try at doing it without reading first. It works every time. Guys don't want a woman to see them looking at directions, sort of like not asking directions when driving.

    It works.