Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dessert...and Some Links

I thought I would hurry up and make a quick post while hubby is busy cooking away in preparation for our lunch party later today.  I usually make the desserts the night before so that he can have the kitchen the day of whatever event we are cooking for, that way I can stay out of his way.  As you can see in the photo, I made four desserts which cost less than $10 total...

  • The brownies were from a package (cost $1.25, plus two eggs .20, and oil .10 = $1.55)
  • The lemon cake was from a package (cost .67 on sale, three eggs .30, and oil .10 = $1.07)
  • The chocolate chip cookies were homemade (estimated cost of $3.00)
  • The flan was homemade (estimated cost of $3.00).  I know the flan looks atrocious but believe me--it tastes really good!  The problem is that it is cooked in a double boiler and after it is cooked I have to flip it over into a pie plate and it really is more difficult than it sounds...and it nearly ended up all over the floor.  So I was just happy that the majority of it landed, sort of, in the plate!

And here are some interesting money links:


  1. My daughter keeps saying she wants to try flan but I have no idea how to make it. I don't have a double boiler, so that would probably make it impossible for me to even try. I've always heard making good flan is really difficult.

  2. I LOVE flan, well I love all those sweet treats you listed! :)

    Great links!