Friday, November 9, 2012

10 Things...An Update

Here's what's happening today...

  1. My November challenge has come to a screeching halt.  I'm just not motivated.  The book is bleh, the money earning is practically non existent, I like exercising but I am not consistent with it, and we have been hitting activities when available but not every day.  Ugh.
  2. And then I read this post which was inspirational. 
  3. And then I read this post which helped to adjust my attitude; it made me realize that part of my frustration is that I should be more grateful for what I have, that I do love stuff to some degree, I am so not patient, faith in myself wans when I don't get instant results, and that I need to work smarter.
  4. And finally I read this which really put everything into perspective.
  5. On a happier note, this is a great post about how a family cut their debt and paid cash for their (tiny) house.
  6. I think hubby needs a dog.  He is up to five fish now plus he is feeding the pigeons on our back deck every morning.  Maybe a dog would make him happy.  Although we agreed that with traveling plus the fact that it is literally too hot to walk a dog three months out of the year here it may not be such a great idea.  I still think he needs a pet that can be a bit more responsive than fish and birds...
  7. My favorite TV shows: Tavis Smiley (best interviewer on TV), The Jeff Probst Show (soooo inspirational!), and NOVA Science Now (amazing and informative).
  8. There's a lot going on this weekend so I'm sure we will hit up a few interesting activities including a Veteran's Day parade, the Pro Bowling Finals, and maybe even the Beard and Mustache Championships.
  9. There are few movie theaters that will be holding a Twilight Movie Marathon in honor of the newest Twilight saga movie release next Thursday but I am still trying to figure out if I can sit and watch five movies one right after another--that 637 minutes of movie watching!!
  10. We aren't cooking for Thanksgiving.  Last year we did a big dinner for all for all of the cousins but they all decided last week to go to the Philippines for the holidays so it looks like the hubby and I will just eat out.

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