Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OMG I'm So Tired!

I started my new job today and even though I only worked for five hours, I'm exhausted!  It was non stop, on my feet, cashiering continuously for five hours (I did get an exactly ten minute break in the middle there but that is hardly enough time to sit down for a few minutes).
At least I got the hang of being a cashier pretty quickly--something I hadn't done since I was in college decades ago.  And I have a new respect for people who have to work on their feet all day!  Eight hours would have killed me!
But I am really happy to be working.  My coworkers are nice and the customers were all nice too even though I messed up a few times.  The manager asked me if I could work an additional shift this week and I said sure--I am so focused on taking hubby on the cruise, that I will take any hours they give me.  As I told hubby when he came to pick me up this evening, I've haven't worked this hard for such little money since I was in high school, but any money is great at this point.  If they keep me on past the holidays I will then start earning money to put towards my summer bike trip followed by our trip to the UK in September and our trip to Asia in October.  I really hope I can earn enough to pay for all of these vacations since hubby has been so great about supporting both of us for the last two years.  If they don't keep me on past the holidays I will apply at other nearby places for work (I love the fact that I can walk to work in the bright sunshine in the middle of December!).
On another happy note, my friend from Washington called yesterday and asked me if I could do a project for her so that will net me an additional $500 (it's much less work for lots more money but these projects only come up occasionally).  Hopefully these projects will keep coming in too.  All money is good money!


  1. 5 hours is a long stretch on your feet with only a ten minute break. The closer it gets to Christmas, the busier it's going to get, so good luck! I predict you'll be offered some kind of management position soon. :)

  2. Good for you! I am still seeing some Spanish-language (Or I think it's Spanish, I don't know!) posts from you in my g-reader, FYI.