Saturday, December 15, 2012

What a Busy Day

I worked today and it was five hours of craziness.  Which is kind of what I expected with there being only ten days left until Christmas.  I think I will skip going shopping until after Christmas (which means I better buy hubby's gift online and do it soon so there will be enough time to have to shipped to me).  The good thing about being super busy is that I think I only checked the clock twice while I was working and a couple of hours had elapsed each time and then before I knew it, it was time to go home!
The only sad part of my day was seeing so many young parents with their little kids shopping and thinking that there will be 20 sets of parents in Connecticut who won't be able to do this with their kids ever again (oddly enough I would see the little kids screaming or freaking out and it made me smile because they are alive and healthy).
And five other things about the Dollar Store: there is no better place to buy Christmas wrap, bows, tree decorations, etc--everything is $1!  I had hubby come in and shop while he was waiting for me because the store had Thera Flu for $1 (I usually pay close to $4 for the same thing at Walmart).  In the front of the store we sell a bottle of water for $1 but in the back of the store you can buy six bottles of water packaged together for $1.  I see all kinds of new, cool stuff coming across my register belt--Angry Birds toothbrushes, baseball cards, tons of Dora stuff, etc.  Also, I love dark chocolate Raisinettes (just thought I would throw that out there, I buy them every couple of days at the store).
Other than that, it is now officially freezing cold in Las Vegas.  Neither the hubby or I want to turn on the furnace to heat the house so we eat quickly in the kitchen then hibernate in our bedroom for the rest of the evening (I mean we have chairs and everything in the bedroom so it is just as easy to sit there and watch TV as it is to do so downstairs but its better to stay in our room because then we only use a small space heater to keep the room toasty warm instead of heating the entire house).

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