Friday, March 8, 2013

A Quick Update and Some Links

Wow I just checked this blog and realized I hadn't posted in days!  I guess there isn't much going on so I didn't have anything to chat about.  I am making progress on my March goals in that a friend came to town a couple of days ago so we met for dinner and caught up a bit which was fun since I hadn't seen her in a couple of years.  I plan to do a few more volksmarches in the coming week as well as go roller skating and ice skating (annual goals). Plus, it's raining in Las Vegas today!  Yeah!

And here's a few interesting links:


  1. Loved reading about the family, but they had the military safety net and lots of combat pay there for years before they are now. Thats a huge advantage.

    I think contract vs prepaid depends on how you use it. I use my phone constantly, so it makes sense for me to have unlimited texting and a data plan. Just upgraded my phone yesterday, lol

  2. Thanks for the mention! About the 5 household items - if anyone can recommend a coffee maker that will last, let me know! Any drip coffee makers I buy, no matter what price, seem to last less than 2 years before the heater stops working. I have gone to using a coffee press and an espresso maker! (I'm a rather serious coffee fiend!)