Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Some Random Updates

In no particular order:

  • It was 86 degrees today and supposed to hit 90 degrees tomorrow!  I love the weather in spring and fall in Las Vegas.
  • If you feel like getting political, consider signing this petition.  I can't believe the government would promise military members something (tuition assistance) then as soon as people enlist (for at least four years, it isn't like an enlistee can back out of their agreement to serve in the military) the government changes the rules of the game and decides not to give people what was promised to them.
  • I am still working on my goals.  I was going to do another volksmarch on the Strip sometime this week and then I got an email a couple of days ago asking if I wanted to walk with a volksmarching group from Germany that wanted to do a couple of walks in Las Vegas. Of course I do!  So bright and early this morning we all hit the Las Vegas Strip for a fun walk (and then I remembered that I don't speak a word of German.  Fortunately everyone in the visiting group spoke varying degrees of English!).
  • I plan to go ice skating tomorrow!  I haven't skated in a couple of years so this should be...interesting...
  • We got our official ticket in the mail yesterday for the Ellen Show.  We will be in the audience the first week of April although I am not sure when the show will air.  We are so excited!!!  I love Ellen!!!
  • The picture above is from the Bellagio Conservatory which we walked by today.  I love how they decorate for each season with loads of fresh flowers!

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