Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Busy Weekend Ahead

We have a very busy weekend coming up!

  • Today: hubby needs to get a haircut (I'm letting mine grow out so it can recover from the mullet); I need to buy a birthday gift for a friend in Japan and mail it to her, I need to call a friend's daughter and help her fill out her student aid forms online, I have a huge document to reformat and edit for a client, we bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink yesterday and need to install it today, I need to buy some new nail polish (my toes have been graced with the same color for TWO WHOLE YEARS...ugh), and we will be going to a comedy show this evening.
  • Friday: this is the day I update all of my websites and blogs.  We may also go to a show (go to four FillASeat shows this month is on the monthly goal list and we haven't even been to one yet so I am trying to cram them all in to the last week of the month!), possibly squeeze in a FillASeat show.
  • Saturday: pick up a lady who is coming in from Seattle and drop her off with the volksmarchers for their Saturday walk, run over to the Rio to audition for a WSOP job, go back and get the lady after her walk and return her to her hotel, visit the Fremont Street Experience, then go to a comedy/impressionist show in downtown.
  • Sunday: meet the cousins for lunch at a new restaurant, do a volksmarch with the lady from Seattle, pick up a friend from the airport, pack up our stuff and go to the Rio for a few days (the cousin has a suite at the Rio but can't stay this weekend so she told us to use it), go to FillASeat show #3/4.
  • Monday: do another volksmarch with the lady from Seattle before she leaves, buy a shower door and install it (we will be having guests for the next couple of months so I want to get this project done), hubby has a bit poker tournament to attend.
Wow!  Hopefully I will get a lot of things done this weekend they can take a breather after Monday!

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