Monday, April 15, 2013

An Early Week Update

Updating from beautiful Seattle:

  • Obviously the most important news of the day was the tragedy that happened this morning at the Boston Marathon.  When the news first broke, I was really, really hoping that it was a gas main explosion or something.  After I met with some dear Muslim friends today that I haven't seen in a couple of years, I am now really, really hoping it wasn't a Muslim who committed such a horrible crime (as are they which they said repeatedly.  They are tired of being equated with extremists which they said reflects badly on their religion and makes them a target for hate when they are the nicest people you could ever meet).  My prayers go out to everyone involved in this incident.
  • Things have been going great so far...the flight was wonderful, the reunion went better than expected (in a family full of drama, the event was surprisingly drama-free), the weather has been great (colder than we are used to but sunny and nice), the train ride to Seattle was fun (hubby had not been on a train in nearly 50 years and thought it was wonderful), catching up with friends is awesome, and to top it off, we went to the Eddie Bauer outlet today and I got a cute backpack for my walk which was half off then we went to the Goodwill and I found a great pair of perfectly broken-in jeans for $1.29!
  • I realize that I really miss Seattle...the land of North Face jackets, sensible shoes, backpacks which are a fashion statement, coffee, and books...lots of books.  When I make my fortune as a writer, I am buying my second home here in Seattle (a surprising number of famous writers do this--they keep a house in warmer climes so they can escape the cold, rainy winters of Seattle but also have a house in the beautiful Pacific Northwest).
That's all so far...I am psyching myself up for the marathon on Saturday (then the half marathon on Sunday which I am not at all sure I will be able to do after walking 26 miles the previous day!).

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