Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Goals are Practically on Auto Pilot!

I will knock off two goals next week, the family reunion which started out as a whim between me and an aunt over email ("hey, we haven't got together in years, wouldn't it be nice to all get together for a dinner or something") and walking a marathon (I've been practicing a little, I really hope I make it!).
One of my other goals was "work at the WSOP" (the World Series of Poker is a six-week poker tournament here in Vegas for which they hire loads of people to fill temporary positions for the tournament).  Since I hadn't heard back from them I figured that goal would just be a fail.  Then I got an email two days ago that said come audition for a cashier position this Saturday, no rescheduling possible, one day only.  So of course I was bummed because I won't be in town, then the next day I got a phone call asking if I was going to make it to the audition and I launched into a spiel about how sorry I was but that I would be out of town but I really really wanted to work for the WSOP so they told me to come in the Saturday after I get back and they would let me audition then!  So much for one day only.  Needless to say, this goal may actually work out!  If I do get the job, I will use the money I earn to pay for the bike trip so instead of biking from Canada to Mexico in May (with little to no funds for the trip), I will do the trip in August after the tournament is over with a fat and fluffy bank account!
The strange thing about writing your goals down is that even without maximum effort (or the money to even accomplish them) sometimes the universe comes together and makes you achieve the goals you set with very little effort (or money!).
p.s. "Auditioning" is kind of like interviewing for a job; they show you what they want done (counting chips, dealing poker, etc) and you do what they have shown you.  I am thinking as long as I can count and not spill chips everywhere I should be able to get the job!  Also, I applied for a cashier job not a dealer job.  The pay is about the same but people aren't mean to you when they loose like they are to the dealers.


  1. Things are going well! I look forward to hearing about the walk marathon.

  2. Greetings! I just found your blog recently, and i really like it! I'm also a list maker, although you have me beat. I'm going to start making more lists and see if i can get some universal help to pull some off! So, thanks for that! And, i've run six marathons in the past, the last one in 2008? (Bad back, no more running. I was totally bummed!) But, if i can do it, i know you can walk it. I was always at the back of the pack running about a 13 mm. You should be able to walk that or much faster! Let us all know how it goes! You will feel so empowered!