Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Busy

Just dropped by to say I'm still around, just very busy this week.  So far I have...

  • Picked up the SIL from the airport, spent a day with her, then dropped her off at the Megabus so she could take a quick trip to LA.
  • Volunteered for a couple of days at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Las Vegas.  I have three more days of volunteering to go.  I can pick out a genealogist at 100 yards now :)
  • Got the BIL settled in.  He drove here from Atlanta (nearly non-stop!) and will be staying with us until at least the end of summer.  We stayed with him and his wife for five months last year when we were traveling so we are returning the favor.
  • Planned the rest of the SIL's stay in Vegas (a couple of shows, Fremont, Red Rock Canyon, etc are among the planned activities).
  • I'm preparing for my new job.  Black pants, check.  White dressy shirt, check.  Comfy black shoes, not checked yet as I still need to find some.  And get my haircut.
That's all for now...I got the early shift at the conference so I need to be there by 6:15am!


  1. So what you're saying is just "soaps and bonbons" this week? ;) lol!

  2. All that and the job hasn't started yet!