Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Such a Senior Citizen!

First a quick update:

  • Im still doing the Whole 30 and Im on day ten with NO CHEATS.  Needless to say, everyone is surprised, especially me.
  • My big contracting job was put on hold before it even started due to funding (or the lack thereof) and office politics (apparently).  Bummer :(
  • My Adsense revenue has nosedived but my page views have stayed pretty much the same.  No idea how to explain that.
  • The sister in law left for Florida last week then came back again this week.  Seems she loves Vegas and wants to move here (however she takes care of her grandkids while her daughter and son in law are deployed with the Navy so she may not get to retire here for, oh, about ten years).
  • I have made no progress on my book.  To date I have been too exhausted on this eating plan but my energy looks like it may be coming back now.

And then today I realized that I am pretty much a senior citizen in every respect but chronological age.  Examples:

  • I play bingo with the hubby five mornings a week...with all the senior citizens.
  • My genealogy club has an average age of 70...but they are so fascinating and interesting and if I needed a detective I would definitely call on these people as they could find a needle in a haystack!
  • My volksmarching group has an average ago of about 60...and yes, most of them can out walk me any day.
  • Im getting to know people at the Goodwill because we all go there on senior day and you see the same people each week.
  • We know which days are senior days at most of the casinos in Las Vegas (we discuss specials and senior deals with the ladies at bingo and I have found out some pretty good specials from them).
  • My hiking group, which resume in the fall, is made up of mostly all seniors (which makes sense since it is during the day on a weekday when most younger people are working).
  • My favorite time to go rollerskating is on Thursdays with a very active senior rollerskating group.
  • I ask for senior discounts everywhere --on behalf of hubby of course since I don't qualify.
For some reason this lifestyle suits me perfectly...


  1. You make the most of every day and you're having fun. You probably participate in more activities than most teenagers.

    1. As long as they are daytime activities...like most seniors, I like to be home in my jammies in the evening!

  2. I think seniors are very sharp; I would be happy to count myself among them!

    1. Me to. I tend to align--in attitude and outlook--much more with boomers than with GenXers such as myself.