Saturday, October 5, 2013

All Ready to Hike and Nowhere to Go

Hubby's hiking ensemble is complete!  He found another golf club at the Goodwill for $2 and cut of the head making for a pair of walking sticks.  Right next to the golf clubs he found a Camelback day pack for $2.50 (original price $80 for the newest version of the pack) and although it is missing the hydration bladder, he just hooked his water bottle onto it and "ta da" he is ready to hike.  Unfortunately our weekly hike is cancelled because our government can't get its sh*t together.  The government shutdown continues and although it doesn't really impact us (if they decide not to send hubby's pension or social security check it will DEFINITELY impact us) it is annoying when there are little things you can't do like go to national parks or the commissary at the base.  "I'll negotiate as long as you give me everything you ask for"...from the President no less.  Ugh.  I've pretty much stopped watching the news.

In other news:

  • REI is giving an extra 20% off for members this week
  • I went to our local reddit meet up last week (which was on my annual goal list, the list that I deleted in a fit of angst).  I intended to stay for a half hour and two hours later I was still chattering away.  Nice people!
  • I am going to meet up with this guy when he gets to Vegas next week.  He is walking around the world and I thought 'how cool is that' so I intend to walk a bit with him and bring him food and water if he needs it.
  • Today it looks like we will go to a quarter horse show (free) and a cowboy BBQ cook off (also free).
Enjoy your weekend!

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