Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 11 No Spend November

Yesterday we spent a total of $4 on a tip.  Ever since we moved to Las Vegas we have enjoyed a free buffet for the both of us on Veterans Day at Southpoint Casino.  This is a really nice thing the casino does for the community--providing a free buffet for military veterans and a guest to celebrate Veterans Day--and last year they served over 5000 free meals!  But we didn't want to enjoy the meal and stiff the server on the tip so I think the $4 was well spent.

On a side note, 11 days into the challenge and we have saved A LOT of money!  Even with some tiny splurges along the way--a tip here, a Baskin Robbins Blast there--we are spending nowhere near as much as we usually do on a daily basis.  Not going to stores really helps--even dropping by the Goodwill on half on senior Wednesdays causes us to buy things that we don't really need and sucks money out of our pockets at such a slow trickle that we don't really notice it (until I look in my wallet and say "I thought I had $20 in there...I wonder what I spent it on).  Now all of those $5 and $10 that we usually spend without noticing are still in our wallets!


  1. LOVE the idea behind this blog. My boyfriend and I are working hard on a similar experiment, trying to use as little cash as possible to feed us both a healthy, whole, plant-food diet. Will keeping reading along for inspiration. :)