Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 23 No Spend November

Yesterday we stayed home and spent $0.  It's been pouring rain for four days straight so we weren't really inspired to leave the house anyway.  Plus, when hubby used the windshield wipers on the car the last time we went out they both went flying off!  Which means our first stop when we do leave the house will be the store to pick up some new wiper blades.  Since it only rains here a couple of times a year and all the other time the sun is beating down on the car, the plastic pieces don't have a long lifespan (I told hubby to buy the blades but leave them in the car until he needs them then he could pull over and put them on and thus save the blades from imminent sun destruction).

On other notes:

  • I get a lot of work done when we are at home.  My friend wants me to get in at least 80 hours a month of work but so far I think I am only at like 45 hours so I will be writing grants like a maniac this week to add more hours.
  • I have a couple of teeth that are really bothering me so I think I will see if I can find a dentist here in Las Vegas to take a look at them (some dentist offices have coupons for exams and x rays for around $40).  If the work is minor I will have it done here, if it is major (which I think it is because I have a whole row of crowns that are 25+ years old in the area that isn't feeling well) we will have to bite the bullet and go to Connecticut where my sister in law can do the work.  Fortunately we have enough air miles to get free tickets, unfortunately it means we will be in Connecticut in DECEMBER.  Brrrr
  • This is probably one of the best articles I've read on being poor in...ever.  I'm one of those judgmental people that shakes my head when I see poor make bad decisions which seem to entrench them even more in poverty ("you are flat broke why are you smoking???" "you can't even support yourself why are you having another KID???").  Well this article kind of explains those things in a weirdly rational manner.

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