Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 29 No Spend November

I can't believe November is almost over and that we have stuck with the No Spend challenge all month!  Except for some days.  Except for yesterday when we spent...

  • Hubby played poker in the morning and spent $1 for a tip to the waitress (we got a coffee and a bottled water for free from her).
  • Our anniversary is Saturday but I decided to give hubby his present early since it fit into our schedule better so I spent $40 on a massage for him.  He loves professional massages and since he has been bowling so much his body has been very crunchy.
  • I picked up some chard for $1.99 at the store (I need iron and find that eating greens--like chard--a couple of times a week does my body good).
  • We stopped by the 99 cent store and spent $7.14.  We bought: 3 heads romaine lettuce, 5 lbs potatoes, 1.5 lbs apples, a box of hot cocoa mix, a loaf of bread, a half pint of whipping cream (for the leftover pumpkin pie), a Nestle crunch bar, and some poster board (hubby always makes me a card for our anniversary).
Total spent: $50.13

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  1. You're almost done! I look forward to your wrap-up on the whole experience!