Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9 No Spend November

We stayed home yesterday and spent $0!  In fact, since we stayed home we actually made some money because I was able to post some items on Craigslist and one lady came by and picked up an old bike for $35.  I haven't been able to post anything to sell lately because we aren't home during the day and I don't want to post hings in the evening because I don't want people coming over after dark so this challenge is even more beneficial than I though.  And ten more things:

  1. The money that was in my wallet 10 days ago is still there because I haven't spent any money since the challenge started.
  2. The gas in our car is holding out extra long too because instead of driving somewhere every day, we only go out on the three or four days a week hubby bowls (this also saves a lot of money).
  3. I don't miss shopping and going to the grocery store.  Since it is in my mind that I won't shop for a month I don't even miss it.  Plus I don't do things that make me want to shop like go to the stores just to look around, check out the new Best Buy ad on Sunday, or browse the REI website.
  4. Hubby has got into the "I won't go to the store unless I need something" act too.  He usually likes to stop by the store on his way home just to look around which (as he found) makes him buy things.
  5. With all of the extra time at home I've got a lot of things done (I changed all of my online passwords yesterday, hubby has been going through boxes and boxes of old pictures, etc).
  6. I have also been reading a ton of books (free from the library, downloaded from the library's website to the Kindle app on my computer).
  7. We have been cooking nearly every meal at home and eating all of the leftovers.  I don't want to waste any food because that means we will run out of food faster and will need to go spend money buying groceries so we are stretching our scratch cooking muscles and not letting anything go to waste.
  8. I made a new goal list.  You can read it here.  Instead of big goals like finish my college degree (which would be expensive and be of no use to me at this stage in my life) I figured I would make a list of walks I want to do (with no time limit--it would take years to do all of these walks).
  9. Fortunately none of our friends or family were in the area hit by the typhoon in the Philippines.  Think Hurricane Katrina with the response, recovery, and ability (meaning very little of any of those) of a third world country which is very very sad for those impacted.
  10. I think December will be De-Media De-cember.  I am seriously taking in too much media (news, reddit,etc) and nearly all the news is bad (shootings, mass killings, how horribly people act...did you know that Flash rob is a thing now?) so I think I need to cut way back on negative news, at least for a month or so.

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