Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Quick Update

I got into the habit of posting here every day last month and I am actually going to try to keep doing this on a daily basis.  Since nothing much is happening, I will just post a few quick updates today.

  • It's 30 degrees today.  For most of the country this probably isn't a big deal but for Las Vegas, it is COLD!!!  My furnace has been running non stop for the past couple of days and I am not looking forward to getting the next gas bill :(
  • I sold one of the four items I listed on Criaglist so far.  If you remember a while back, I found two 15 pound dumb bells by the side of the road when I was walking.  So I recently listed them on Craigslist and they sold for $20 (thanks Lorraine for telling me how much they were worth!).  Hubby couldn't believe someone would pay so much for these hunks of found metal but they did.
  • We tried the Thai restaurants (Lotus of Siam) that everyone--including Anthony Bourdain--is raving about.  It wasn't that good.  It was OK but not great we have certainly had much better when it comes to Thai food so we were a bit disappointed.   We had the buffet thinking we would get a wide sample of the food they offered but it was kind of meh.  Maybe their individual items on the menu are better?
  • We are still debating getting a Christmas tree.  Since it is just us here and no kids or grandkids are around we may skip it.
  • Ditto for Christmas gifts.  Years ago we bought gifts for everyone (we were up to 75+ gifts each year  due to four siblings on my side, six siblings on hubby's side, co-workers, friends, and hubby's five kids.  When this group started adding their own kids and grandkids we pretty much stopped the whole gifting thing).  I send a few gifts to friends in Japan (gifting is a BIG deal there) but for all of hubby's kids, we send them cash that they can spend on themselves and their families.  While I would love to send a Christmas gift to everyone I know, it is just too expensive to buy the gift and ship it, and I want to be fair so if I send a gift to one niece or nephew (of which we are now over 100!) I would have to do it for all.
  • We fell off the no-spend wagon and we have spent money every day so far this month.  January will definitely be a no spend month with the added feature of planning ahead (stocking up on food and filling the car's gas tank). takes so much effort NOT to spend money!


  1. Nice sale on the weights! Here's hoping you find more sell-able freebies!!

  2. Thanks--the more "found" stuff we can find and sell, the better!