Sunday, December 1, 2013

My December Goals

I find that I can achieve more goals when I make the time limit shorter--like a month's worth of goals instead of a year's worth at a time.  So I have made the following list of things I want/need to do for this month:

p.s. One thing I love about Vegas is that my roses are STILL blooming in December! (see photo above)
p.s.s.  While we are still mindful of our spending, today we did hit up the $1 store for a few groceries and I couldn't resist the Black Friday sale at REI (which actually lasts through December 2nd) and bought a backpack for my walking.  It is a Gregory Fury pack which is usually $99 but I got it on clearance at REI with an additional 30% off which made the total price $38.  I hope I like it--I have the very worst luck picking out packs when I am not able to try them on; fortunately REI has a good return policy so if I don't like it, it will go back to the store.  Now on to trekking poles...

Now to my list:

  • Sell four items on Craigslist (I listed three today) two sold as of 12/6 (only sold two items, will relist the other two next month)
  • Get a Christmas tree and decorate it  (decided not to do this as its only the hubby and I, no kids this year)
  • Plan something for Christmas dinner (done 12/25)
  • Plan something for New Year's Eve
  • Get hubby a Christmas gift (done 12/14)
  • Get a haircut  done 12/9
  • Go to the dentist for a root cleaning (will try to do this in January, need to save up for it) 
  • Attend a new genealogy group meeting to see if I want to join  (didnt do this, I emailed for meeting info and got no reply so I will try this next month)
  • Attend my current genealogy group meeting this month (done 12/21)
  • Pay for my volksmarching membership renewal (done 12/14)
  • Attend the annual volksmarching dinner (done 12/14)
  • Go to a show
  • Try a new Thai restaurant (Lotus of Siam, it's supposed to be really good) done 12/3
  • Go to the Galaxy theater
  • Go to Mt Charleston and play in the snow
  • Do four walks (North Strip VM, Sahara-Russell-Sahara, Mandalay to Golden Nugget, Red Rock Loop) (will put these off til January and February as part of my marathon training)
  • Get new walk shoes (I have new shoes but they haven't been great for long distance walking) (done 12/18)
  • Get a new day pack for walking (done 12/5)
  • Get trekking poles (done 12/20)
  • Get a headlamp (I will need it for night walks) (I won't need this until April or May so I will wait on getting it)
  • Buy/send small gifts to two friends in Japan  (done 12/10)
  • Buy/send four gifts to my friend and her family in Japan for Christmas  (done 12/10)
  • Buy/send my friend a birthday gift (this will go with the above gifts in the mail)  (done 12/10)
  • Finish a new brochure for my volksmarch group (done 12/26)
  • Try to get 60 hours of work done for my friend (not going to happen...unfortunately...will probably get like 20 hours this month)


  1. That's a long list - I am glad there are lots of fun things on it!