Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Quick Update

Here's what's happening around here...

  • I've been sick as a dog for a couple of days.  Not the flu but some sort of yucky respiratory thing that has involved a lot of kleenex, a lot of Thera Flu, a lot of vitamin c, and a lot of sleeping.  Ugh.
  • Happy belated Valentine's Day!  Hubby made me a card to celebrate the holiday as is our tradition then we went out for breakfast (free, with comps, of course) then I came home and went back to bed.
  • I haven't walked for three days!  I will need to make this up as soon as I feel better since I want to get about a hundred miles of walking a month in.
  • We got our tax return already--it took about a week and a half!  That was fast!
  • The yogurt I made a few days ago was kind of watery (sometimes the culture isn't so great and it comes out less firm) so I simply lined a colander with coffee filters and drained the yogurt for a few hours and now it is really firm like Greek yogurt.
  • And a few interesting articles: about Abercrombie, about a very cool girl, about traveling solo as a woman, and some inspiring photos.
That's all.  I'm off to take another nap.

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