Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Quick Update

Still tired from being sick (although now it doesn't sound like I am hacking up a lung so that's a good thing...).  Here's what's been happening lately...

  • I made fudge!  I was watching a cooking show on PBS (they have LOTS of great cooking shows on PBS) and they were making fudge which reminded me of the fudge my grandmother used to make so I Googled what I could remember of the ingredients she used and came up with this recipe.  This is exactly the recipe she used to use and it came out wonderful!
  • I haven't been walking much lately.  I didn't walk at all for five days then walked a mile then two the next day.  I should walk today but I just feel tired so we will see what happens.
  • The weather has been perfect high 70s for a couple of weeks.  This is great but we have gone way too long without any rain.
  • This morning I saw very tiny green specks in the pot where I planted my chard.  When the little specks get taller I will take a picture for you!

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